Feng Shui layout of study for people of different occupations

People of different occupations need different study functions, the orientation of the study, the selection of study appliances and the key points of decoration. Only by choosing the most suitable layout can they play the most beneficial role

(1) study of professionals engaged in marketing and planning

people with marketing, planning and design talents like to stay in sunny places. Therefore, it is best to use wooden desks, cloth sofas and chairs in the study. The color is green, tan or grayish brown

beautiful large furniture is arranged against the wall, and the desk top is east or south. TV, stereo, loudspeaker, books, furnishings, etc. can be placed in the study, but try to avoid direct sunlight

if the study has a large window, the color of the curtain should match with the floor. The color should be darker and not too bright. The plants should be placed near the window

(2) the study of financial personnel

the study that cannot shine in the sun or the west can give full play to the ability of meeting or computer processing. This kind of study is very suitable for financial personnel

the study of financial personnel should adopt light color as a whole, and the color with fading sense should be used on the ground, wall and ceiling. The floor is carpeted, and the wall and ceiling are pasted with cloth wallpaper. It can be decorated with white flowers and pictures based on white. Pictures of forests or lakes can also give play to the talents of users

(3) the study of literary and artistic workers

for people engaged in art, music, writing and other professions, the starting point should be to facilitate their work. Therefore, the layout of the study should maintain relative independence, and be equipped with corresponding studio furniture and equipment, such as computers, drawing tables, etc., to meet the use requirements. The design principle should be comfort and tranquility, and it is appropriate to use cold colors in color, which will help people’s mood to be stable and Qi and blood to be unobstructed

the study with poor sunshine will bury the talents of art or sports such as music and painting, and the lighting of the study of literary and artistic workers should be strong. Move the desk to the sunny position, and put the electrical appliances on the north side. The study should be quiet and comfortable, and the clothes should not be scattered. Curtains can choose simple longitudinal stripe patterns, which can be decorated with bright pictures or flowers

(4) students’ study

the decoration of students’ study should not be old-fashioned, but should be suitable for the characteristics of teenagers. Bookshelves can be made into stairs, taking folk ” Step height of treading stairs ” ; Meaning

it’s better not to place tall bookcases in children’s study, and it’s not suitable to leave bookshelves idle. It can be designed into a dual-purpose style of bookshelf and wardrobe. In this way, we can make rational use of space and won’t appear empty indoors because children use less books. Some vivid animal pictures can be posted in children’s study, but the patterns of tigers, lions, leopards and other beasts are not suitable, otherwise it will bring mental pressure to children

the study set up at home for middle school students should be fresh and bright. The design takes Beige as the main color, and the simple and clear color gives people a warm and comfortable feeling. Middle school students’ study must consider the factors of quiet and sufficient lighting, which can be built with color, lighting and accessories. The color is mainly the collocation of white wall and gray brown bookcase, desk and chair, and then decorate the study with a small amount of accessories, which is simple and will not appear dull. Avoid putting too many decorations to avoid distraction

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