Feng Shui for decoration

Decoration materials can also attract money, which many people don’t know. However, not all decoration materials can attract money. When selecting decoration materials that can attract money, we must pay more attention and treat them differently, so we must meet the following requirements:

1. Material acceptance

first, we should look at the appearance, smell and acceptance quality. The material shall be free from degumming, discoloration and decay. There shall be no defects such as bulging, peeling, warping, cracks, missing corners, dirt and incomplete patterns

2. Electrical engineering

materials shall be up to standard, safe and reliable, clean appearance, flexible and effective, and waterproof engineering

3. Geotechnical engineering

ensure that the installation is firm, horizontal and vertical, and the switch is flexible without dripping and leakage. The pipeline shall be installed horizontally and vertically, laid firmly without looseness, and the slope shall meet the specified requirements

4. Waterproof engineering

after the completion of waterproof engineering, 24-hour water storage experiment must be carried out. Ensure that the surface of the coating film is flat, free from blistering and flowing, and the joint with pipe fittings, sanitary ware foundation, floor drain and drainage interface is tight

5. Partition wall works

ensure firmness and flatness. The installation of light steel keel shall meet the inspection requirements of products, the installation position shall be correct, and the connection shall be firm without looseness. The panel must be installed firmly without delamination, fracture, lack of edge, warpage and angle loss. In case of thermal insulation wall or guaranteed project, wooden keel should be used

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