Why shouldn’t the bedroom be too big

From the perspective of Feng Shui, the size of rooms in different functional areas is particular about feng shui. As a place for family members to gather and receive foreign guests, the living room is required to be relatively large, while the bedroom should not be too large. It is appropriate to focus on small and medium-sized rooms. Why? The bedroom is a place for people to rest and sleep. Too much room in the bedroom will affect people’s rest and sleep. The most important thing in our rest room is the gas field. The gas field needed in the bedroom can not only absorb vitality, but also lose it too fast. When the bedroom is large, anger is easy to disperse, and people can absorb less

Feng Shui believes that people also have aura, which is what Feng Shui usually says ” Popularity ” , The bedroom is too big. In order to integrate with the bedroom environment, people’s own aura is also easy to lose. Naturally, this is not a healthy long-term solution

in addition, the bedroom is too large, so it is not easy to arrange a warm and pleasant effect and easy to fall asleep; On the contrary, a smaller bedroom can give people a sense of security and make it easier to sleep comfortably. Generally speaking, the master bedroom can be slightly larger, mostly for couples or single middle-aged people, with the most popular; Children’s room and old people’s room must be slightly smaller, because the momentum of children and old people is not very strong, and living alone in one room, the bedroom is too large, which is easy to lead to insomnia, generally more than ten square meters

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