What items are suitable for the restaurant

From the perspective of Feng Shui, in addition to dining, if possible, the restaurant can also properly place the three stars of Fu, Lu and Shou, which represent wealth, health and longevity respectively. In addition, you can often put some fruits in the restaurant, such as oranges representing wealth, peaches representing health and longevity, pomegranates representing children and grandchildren, which are good choices

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if you can put fish tanks and bonsai in the restaurant, it can help to increase the vitality of the restaurant and make the family eating in the restaurant happy. In addition, the fish in the aquarium should be brightly colored, and the number should also be singular. If the fortune teller of the hostess at home is more water, then green broad-leaved plants should be planted to show vigorous vitality, endless life and help prosper wealth

according to the requirements of Feng Shui, the restaurant is arranged in a state of yin-yang balance, which is conducive to family harmony and good luck. It is generally believed that the layout of the restaurant should be slightly Yang, and the Yin and Yang should be harmonious. Therefore, Yin objects such as ancestral portraits or antique furniture should not be placed in restaurants to avoid excessive Yin. Some items belonging to Yang can be properly placed to balance with the Yin Qi of the restaurant

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