Why shouldn’t the living room be too big

The living room is the inner Mingtang of a house. If the living room is large, the Mingtang is wide and has enough space to absorb vitality, which means there is room for career development. However, if it is too narrow, wealth will not flow and accumulate in the living room and will soon flow away. Therefore, it is the situation of breaking wealth and Feng Shui, which means that there will be many obstacles to the career and opportunities are easy to lose.

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although the living room should be the largest room in the house, the living room should not be too large to be out of balance with other rooms, just like the heavy burden on people’s heart, which is very unhealthy. A spacious and bright living room is certainly conducive to house transportation, but such a living room should be properly decorated, and there should not be too few furniture and decorations. Otherwise, it will appear empty, which will weaken the good house luck brought by the spacious living room. If the living room is empty, it is easy to appear deserted, which is not conducive to gathering popularity

in addition, the living room is empty, and it is difficult to gather the anger and wealth outside the room, which is easy to disperse in the living room. Therefore, the spacious living room must be equipped with enough furniture and accessories to make the whole living room look generous and elegant without losing demeanor, and can well hide the wind and gather Qi. The spacious living room can put some large pots of large leaf evergreen potted plants, which is in line with the Feng Shui layout of the living room, which can also make the house prosperous

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