Lighting design of bedroom

The effect of lighting can effectively change the atmosphere and personal feeling of the room. The bedroom is a place where people can rest quietly after a hard day. Therefore, in addition to providing a soft light source suitable for sleeping, it is more important to alleviate the tense life pressure during the day through the layout of lighting. Therefore, the lighting of the bedroom should be soft

the lighting in the general bedroom can be divided into general lighting, local lighting and decorative lighting. General lighting is mainly used for living and rest; Local lighting is used for dressing, reading, dressing, collection, etc; Decorative lighting is mainly to create the space atmosphere of the bedroom, such as creating a romantic and warm atmosphere. Specifically:

I. general lighting

for the general lighting of the bedroom, we must pay attention to the light not to be too strong or white when designing, because these two kinds of light can easily make the whole room look dull and lifeless, giving people a cold feeling. Therefore, the general lighting of the bedroom had better choose the lamps with warm color light, which can make people feel more warm. It is better to install two control switches for general lighting, which is more convenient to use

II. local lighting

in addition to ordinary lighting, the bedroom should also be equipped with local combined lighting, such as a bedside lamp next to the bed, which is convenient for the homeowner to sit on the bed and read books, newspapers and magazines. However, the lighting used for reading should be properly arranged, because too strong or insufficient lighting will directly affect people’s vision and cause damage to eyes; The local lighting on the dresser and wardrobe can facilitate the whole make-up. Now most people like to place a lamp on the mirror, which can make the whole house brighter. In fact, such decoration is very inappropriate, because it is easy to reflect the shadow of some objects in the room through the mirror. It is the wisest way to install lights on both sides of the mirror, which can make up for the lack of light on the dresser, However, when installing the lamp, it should be noted that the light should not be too white or too strong, and should be close to the natural light as far as possible

III. decorative lighting

this kind of lighting is an expert in creating the atmosphere in the room. It can make an ordinary room become amorous in an instant, bring people a good mood and help relieve fatigue

in a word, there are not too many lamps in the bedroom. There are two or three suitable ones. In the light source design of some bedrooms, only two desk lamps are arranged on the bedside table beside the bed, two small spotlights are installed on the dresser, and several embedded lamps are added on the roof. There are only three kinds of lamps in this room, but the environment they create is first-class

of course, if you skillfully use floor lamps, wall lamps or small chandeliers at the same time, you can also better create the atmosphere of the bedroom. The ancients had ” Bright hall and dark room ” ; Only by achieving this effect can we create the privacy and warmth of the bedroom

the bedroom is a place for people to sleep and rest. At the same time, it is also a place for people to rest. Therefore, the bedroom also has a special requirement for the light of the light. The light of the bedroom, whether from the aesthetic point of view or from the perspective of use and hygiene, should be dominated by soft and eye-catching lights

in the bedroom design of modern home, bedside lamps are mostly installed at the head of the bed, which is a very good setting, but the light must be soft. The bedside lamp should also be equipped with a suitable lampshade. The color of the lampshade should preferably match the color of the wall, so that people can sleep peacefully and have a full and effective rest. Physical health is an invaluable wealth. A person who is energetic, healthy and happy is naturally prone to career success and family happiness

Chinese people have the habit of turning on all the lights when they have just moved to a new house or during Chinese New Year holidays, because the light bulb can emit light and heat, which belongs to ” Fire ” , So, when you need to use ” Fire ” ; To dissolve or promote Feng Shui, the lighting can achieve a good expected effect

in addition to the above matters, if you find that the light doesn’t work at home, you must repair or replace it immediately, especially the light in the bedroom. Otherwise, it will affect the daily diet and daily life and the mood of the homeowner. Therefore, once the lamp is broken, you must not be afraid of trouble and should replace it immediately

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