How to arrange the feng shui of the gate

The gate is the air intake of a house. The cleanliness of the gate is very important for the feng shui of the house. If the gate is messy, the clean air entering the gate will be polluted, and the anger and wealth entering the room will be contaminated with bad feng shui. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the gate clean and tidy

the gate is the place for changing shoes. Therefore, the shoes of the host and guest are easy to be misplaced. It is necessary to place a shoe cabinet or shoe rack at the gate. The shoe cabinet can put shoes that are not often worn at ordinary times or in recent times. The shoe rack can put shoes that are often changed. Put the slippers to be worn indoors on the upper layer and the shoes to be worn outdoors on the lower layer, so that the dust of the shoes walking outside will not fall on the clean slippers

in addition, in addition to setting up the shoe cabinet, you can also set up flower racks or frosted glass racks at the gate to plant some green plants to make the people entering the door pleasing to the eyes. Setting frosted glass can not only fully daylighting, but also make the gate look cleaner. In addition, you can put a small basket or cloth pocket on the glass rack or shoe cabinet and put small sundries such as keys

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