Toilet Feng Shui in the shop

The toilet is the place where people excrete, and the land belongs to the position of favoring wealth. From the point of view of the compass, the toilet is the five ghost fortune position of a shop. Anyone (including five kinds of people with wood, fire, earth, gold and water) can enter this position. However, some shopkeepers are very stingy and don’t like to lend the toilet to guests. This mentality is wrong. If the store is very careful not to lend the toilet, it may also push the money out. In fact, some guests will borrow the toilet once because of gratitude and buy something. After some people buy it once, they feel very satisfied, and it will be spread by word of mouth. Naturally, your store will be rich because of the good intention to lend the toilet

a guest will choose to enter your store, indicating that he is destined to your store or the owner. Borrowing a toilet will definitely bring you good luck. Feng Shui is a very important key point to change luck. As long as you know how to use it, you will get the best treasure

if there is no toilet equipment in the store, once someone asks you about the toilet, you should also tell you where to deal with the emergency. From the psychological level or interpersonal relationship, the urgency of saving people is also the foundation of making good friends and helping people happy

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