What are the taboos at the office gate

The entrance of the office gate should beware of four taboos: door rush, elevator suction, wearing heart sword and corner brake

(1) door rush

the door of the company is facing the door of the internal office. It is a rush on Feng Shui, and the air flow is easy to rush in, which is easy to cause personnel disputes. Of course, you can’t face the door of the toilet as soon as you enter the door. This is one of the worst patterns

(2) elevator suction

if the door is facing the elevator, the elevator goes up and down, opens and closes, sucking away all the gas of the company. At the same time, it is also easy to distract employees’ energy, which will naturally affect the fortune of the company

(3) heart piercing sword

if the door is facing the outline or channel, it looks like a sharp sword. This pattern is called Heart piercing sword. If the depth of the indoor part of the office is less than the length of the corridor, it will be the greatest disaster. The solution lies in installing a screen inside to close the effect of changing the door, which can be alleviated

(4) corner brake

standing at the door of the office, you can see that half of the outside front is wall and half is empty, which is cut like a straight knife. This is the famous ” Corner brake There is a bad feeling that the front door of the office is cut in half head-on. In the gas field, the air flow in the two halves is completely unbalanced. This pattern is very fierce, which is bad for health and financial luck

if the front door of the office is facing the opposite corner, the best way to change is to move the front door slightly to the edge of the dragon and avoid the corner brake. If you can’t move like this, you should change the angle of the gate to avoid the corner brake

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