Why should the light in the bedroom be moderate

The light in the bedroom should be in line with the golden mean, neither too strong nor too strong, nor too dark. If the light in the bedroom is too strong, on the one hand, it will raise the temperature in the bedroom, making people prone to irritability, high mood, restlessness and irritability. In such an environment, it is not conducive to people’s rest, but also make people’s spirit often in an excited state, especially in the couple’s bedroom. If the light is too strong, it will lead to disputes, More noise

however, if the light in the bedroom is too dark, it is not conducive to Feng Shui, and people will often be in a negative, tired, depressed and disappointed mood. If they live in such a bedroom day and night, the Yin gradually gathers, the Lord is easy to be frustrated, there are many obstacles in all aspects, so it is difficult to achieve the expected effect, and they are easy to die in the middle of the day and in a helpless situation

therefore, the light in the bedroom should not be too strong or too dark to be able to read normally. If the light in the bedroom is bright like that in the living room, the light is too strong

in addition, there are some individual differences in the brightness of bedroom lights, which can not be positioned too mechanically according to certain standards, mainly based on the individual’s sensitivity to light

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