What are the decoration Feng Shui Q ” A

The so-called “one life, two games and three geomantics”, in which geomantic omen is very important. It is because of this that people in life have to pay attention to geomantic omen. I believe many people have many questions about the decoration of geomantic omen; So what are the decoration Feng Shui Q ” A? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

What are the decoration Feng Shui Q ” A

What are the bedroom decoration Feng Shui Q ” A

netizen Ms. Li: Decoration gentleman, what are the taboos of bedroom decoration Feng Shui

decoration gentleman: 1. Avoid beveled edges and convex corners in shape: the shape of the bedroom should be square, and the beveled edge or polygon is not appropriate, which will cause visual and spiritual oppression, and the body will often suffer from illness and discomfort. The shape of the bedroom is too strange, and the blessing should not be gathered, which will destroy the layout of numerology. If you want to improve the pattern and start the eight trigrams blessing source, you can hang a mirror on the wall at the missing corner to make up the missing corner, but you must pay attention not to make the mirror form a new shock; If the room is large enough, separate the main area of the bedroom with a screen, and use the irregular area for other purposes

2. Avoid too large or too small space: the bedroom with moderate area is the best. The ancient feng shui theory points out that ” There are few people in the house. It’s a fierce house, Think ” Big houses attract Popularity ” ;. The human body is an energy body that radiates energy all the time. Just like the air conditioner at work, the larger the area of the house, the more energy it consumes. Therefore, the bedroom area is too large, which leads to the decline of immunity, listlessness, poor judgment and wrong decisions due to excessive energy consumption

3. Avoid the bathroom door facing the bed: many bedrooms now have independent toilets. Feng shui theory believes that the five elements of the bathroom belong to water, with heavy Yin, which is easy to cause waist and kidney discomfort. Most residents whose toilets are facing the bed do have low back pain symptoms. It is difficult to change the essence of sewage discharge. The air quality is poor, and more moisture is produced after bathing. If the door of the bathroom is facing the bed, it is not only easy to wet the bed, but also easy to affect the air quality of the bedroom. The growth of the world will lead to low back pain and increase the detoxification burden of the kidney

4. Avoid too dark light: Feng Shui theory requires very different light in the living room and bedroom, that is, the so-called ” Bright hall and dark room ” ;. Because the living room is outside and the bedroom is inside, the outside belongs to Yang and the inside belongs to Yin, and ” Yang ” ; Lord light, ” Yin ” ; The Lord is dark. This is about ” Yin Yang ” ; The basic truth is very reasonable in marriage life, so the lighting and ventilation conditions of the bedroom should be very good, which can make the bedroom Feng Shui present a auspicious state

5. Avoid too many electrical appliances: do not decorate too many electrical appliances in the bedroom decoration, especially the TV is facing the foot of the bed. There are too many electrical appliances in the bedroom, which is called “Feng Shui”; Huozhai ” , Affect health. Modern medical theory also points out that electrical radiation does harm human health. The foot is the second heart of people. If the TV in standby mode is facing the foot of the bed, its radiation is more likely to affect the meridian operation and blood circulation of both feet

6. Avoid having a beam or ceiling above the head of the bed: if the head of the bed is pressed by the beam, not only the physical health of the male and female owners will be damaged, especially the head or nervous system is easy to go wrong, the sleep condition is poor, and even the work luck of the male and female owners will be affected. At the same time, the ceiling should be flat and avoid beams. The beam is psychologically easy to feel heavy, especially when people sleep under the beam, they will feel great pressure, cause mental oppression and affect their health and career

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