Clothing store decoration Feng Shui

Opening a store involves many links such as site selection, financing, purchase, sales and financial management. Any link that is not considered carefully may lead to the fracture of the investment chain. Where should clothing stores start if they want to achieve good economic benefits? In addition to the location of the store and the selection of goods, we should also pay attention to the decoration design of the store. First of all, we must make consumers enter the store. In addition to advertising, traditional reputation and other factors, consumers’ patience with an unfamiliar clothing store starts from the appearance. People’s usual psychological reaction to things is that a clothing store with elegant and luxurious outdoor decoration must sell high-grade and high-quality clothes; The clothes sold must be of mediocre quality for the appearance of mediocre decoration or old-fashioned. The function of storefront decoration is just like clothes to people

(1) appearance design of clothing store

appearance is the overall feeling of the store, which not only reflects the grade of the store, but also reflects the personality of the store. From the perspective of overall style, it can be divided into modern style and traditional style

the appearance of modern style gives people the breath of the times and modern psychological feeling. Now most stores adopt the modernist style, which has an incentive effect on most consumers with a strong sense of the times. If the shop is in the business district, the large shopping malls nearby are usually of modern style, which can achieve a harmonious effect with it: in today’s developing society, modern style shops give people a fresh feeling, make it harmonious and unified with the modern high-speed society, and also reflect the trend of clothing

the appearance with national traditional style gives people a simple, rich and traditional psychological feeling. Many century old stores have become the traditional brand name of the influence center, and their appearance decoration has formed a fixed model in the hearts of consumers. Therefore, using their traditional appearance style can attract customers more. If the clothing store operates clothes with national characteristics or antique clothes, such as cheongsam, the traditional style can be adopted

(2) signboard design of clothing store

after choosing the name of the store, we should consider the signboard. The design and installation of signboards must be novel, eye-catching and concise, not only beautiful and generous, but also attract the attention of customers. Because the store name signboard itself is an advertisement with a specific meaning, it is of great significance for customers or passers-by to see it clearly from a distance or multiple angles. In general, the following contents should be considered in the design and decoration of signboards

the methods, specifications and installation forms of signboards should be diversified and different. We should not only attract attention, but also integrate with the store design to give people a perfect appearance image. There are many kinds of materials for signboards: wood, stone and metal materials. The installation of signboards can be vertical, wall or suspended

usually, making images or graphics consistent with the business content can enhance the direct appeal of the signboard. Due to the different business scope of clothing stores, different types of signs can be taken. Women’s clothing stores can choose signs with a strong sense of fashion, and the color of the signs should be eye-catching; Men’s clothing stores mostly focus on suits, but they are more formal. Signs should adapt to this style and appear solemn; Children’s clothing stores should be lively and interesting to attract children

(3) entrance and exit design of clothing store

when designing the entrance and exit of the store, we must consider the business area, passenger flow, geographical location, clothing characteristics, safety management and other factors. If it is unreasonable, it will cause crowded people or the clothes will arrive at the exit before being seen by customers, thus affecting the sales. In the customer channel set up in the store, the entrance and exit is the power pump to drive consumption. A good entrance and exit design should reasonably enable consumers to browse the whole venue orderly from entrance to exit without leaving a dead corner. If the storefront is a regular storefront, the entrances and exits are usually on the same side, in case they are too wide for customers to walk through and leave a dead corner. Irregular storefront needs to consider many internal conditions, and the design is relatively difficult. The store door design should be open, and the design should consider not to let customers have ” Claustrophobia” Dark ” ; Such as poor psychology, so as to refuse customers outside the door

(4) window design of clothing store

window is not only an integral part of the overall decoration of the facade, but also the first exhibition hall of the clothing store. It is a comprehensive advertising art way for commodity introduction and commodity publicity, mainly based on the clothing operated and sold by the store, skillfully using scenery and props, set off by background picture decoration, and equipped with appropriate lights, colors and text descriptions. Before entering the clothing store, consumers should browse the window intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, the design and publicity of the window have the primary impact on consumers’ purchase emotion. The juice in the window should highlight the characteristics of clothes, so that consumers can have a sense of beauty and comfort and yearn for clothes. Good window layout can not only introduce goods, guide consumption and promote sales, but also become an excellent art work for clothing stores to attract passers-by in front of the door

there are various forms of window layout, mainly including the following:

comprehensive window layout: it comprehensively displays many irrelevant goods in one window to combine a complete window advertisement. Due to the great differences in the return of goods, this window layout must be designed carefully, otherwise it will give people a ” Assorted porridge ” ; Feeling. It can be divided into horizontal window layout, vertical window layout and unit window layout

systematic window layout: large and medium-sized shops have a large window area, which can be combined and displayed in one window according to the category, performance, material, purpose and other factors of goods

thematic window display: it takes an advertising theme as the center, organizes the display of different types of goods around a specific event, and transmits an appeal theme to the media. It can also be divided into: Festival display ” mdash” mdash; To celebrate a ” mdash; The theme of the first festival is to form the theme of the xiaori window; Event display, a window that combines related goods with the theme of an activity in society; Scene display ” mdash” mdash; According to the purpose of the goods, a variety of related goods are set into specific scenes in the window to induce Gu Rong’s purchase and destruction behavior

specific window layout: refers to the centralized introduction of a certain commodity in a window with different artistic methods and processing methods, such as the specific display of a single commodity and the specific display of commodity models

seasonal window layout: display seasonal commodities according to seasonal changes, such as woolen sweaters and windbreaker display in late summer and early autumn, and summer clothes, sandals and straw hats display in late spring and early summer. This method meets the psychological characteristics of customers’ seasonal purchase and is used to expand sales. However, the seasonal display must be displayed in advance one month before the arrival of the season and introduced to customers in order to play the role of seasonal publicity

(5) indoor layout of clothing store

reasonable design can not only increase the use of the effective area of the store and the utilization rate of business facilities, but also provide customers with a comfortable shopping environment, make customers obtain some spiritual and psychological satisfaction other than shopping, and produce the psychological longing to patronize again in the future. Indoor layout refers to the overall indoor layout, including space layout and channel layout

the first is the spatial layout. The spatial composition of each store is different, and the area, size and shape state are very different. However, no matter how complex the structure of any store is, it is usually composed of three basic spaces. They are commodity space (such as counter, window, shelf, platform, etc.), clerk space and customer space

the second is the channel layout. Whether the customer channel design is scientific or not directly affects the reasonable flow of customers. Generally speaking, there are several ways to set juice in the channel: the straight-line type, also known as the grid type, refers to that all counter equipment form a curved channel at right angles to each other at the mercy of each other; Slash type, the advantage of this channel is that it can make customers browse freely, the atmosphere is active, it is easy for customers to see more goods and increase more purchase opportunities; Free rolling type. This layout is a variety of different combinations formed according to the characteristics of goods and equipment, either independent or aggregated. There is no fixed or special layout, and the sales mode is not fixed

(6) Interior decoration of clothing store

Interior decoration of clothing store is also particularly important, including ceiling, wall, floor, container and so on. The first is the design of the ceiling, which can create the beauty of the interior. It also cooperates with space design and lighting to form a beautiful shopping environment. Therefore, when designing the ceiling, we should consider the material, color and height of the ceiling, especially the color of the ceiling. The ceiling should have a modern feeling, be able to express personal charm, and pay attention to the overall collocation, so that the elegant sense of color can be revealed. Young people, especially young professional women, like the color with a sense of cleanliness most. Young professional men emphasize the youth charm of the store, and it is appropriate to use the color of lighter colors such as primary colors. Usually, the ceiling of clothing stores should be light pink

the second is the design of walls, mainly including the selection of wall decoration materials and colors. The wall design of the store should be coordinated with the color content of the displayed clothes and adapt to the environment and image of the store. Generally, it can erect display cabinets on the wall, place display tables, install a few simple equipment, place some clothes, and can also be used as a display or decoration of goods

the third is the design of the floor, mainly including the choice of floor decoration materials and their colors, as well as the graphic design of the floor. Clothing stores choose graphics according to different types of clothing. Generally speaking, women’s clothing stores should adopt patterns characterized by the combination of curves such as circle, ellipse, fan and Erhe curve. With gentle air

men’s clothing stores adopt patterns characterized by the combination of straight lines such as square, rectangle and polygon, with masculinity; The children’s clothing store adopts irregular patterns, which can make a cartoon pattern on the floor to look lively

finally, the design of container shelves, mainly the selection of container shelf materials and shapes. Generally, the container shelves are square, but the special-shaped container shelves will change their rigid and monotonous image, add lively line changes, and make the store show the meaning of curve. The special-shaped cabinet frame includes triangle, trapezoid, semicircle and polygon

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