How large is the bedroom

The living room is not proud of greatness. The ancients have long said ” Why should a room be big, The scale of living room, bedroom, kitchen and toilet should be appropriate first, and then seek humanized design to make it friendly and close to people. Next, take the appropriate size of the bedroom as an example to see the reasonable scale of the functional space of each bedroom

the face width of the bedroom should be moderate. The current trend is that people are not used to placing the bed under the window or in a corner of the bedroom. Many families place the bed in the middle of the bedroom: the top of the bed is against the wall, and there should be aisles on the left and right sides, so that the husband and wife can get up from the left and right sides respectively without affecting each other. The end of the bed should also have an aisle, and the position of the TV should also be considered, which has become a new fashion

the length of the bed should not be less than 2m. Therefore, the face width of the bedroom should be kept above 3.3 ~ 3.5m, and the length of the bedroom should be more than 4m. Feng Shui believes that such a bedroom area is the most appropriate

some feng shui masters believe that the bedroom is about 15 square meters, not more than 20 square meters

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