Why should the living room be bright

The living room is a place for the family to rest and get together. It is also a place for the family to enjoy the happiness of their family. At the same time, it is also a place to receive relatives and friends. Therefore, the living room is the focus of the whole house. It should be brighter, preferably the Ming hall

the location of the living room should be arranged in front of the house, that is, the living room is the living room as soon as you enter the door, which is the most ideal arrangement. If the living room is arranged in the rear, from the point of view of yangzhaixue, this is an unsatisfactory pattern, and it is mainly to return money

the light in the living room should be sufficient. This is the so-called bright hall and dark room. The living room is dark and the main personality is not cheerful

the space of the living room should not be too narrow or too wide. It is better to be moderate. Spiral stairs are the most taboo

the chandelier in the living room should be round and bright

the ancients said ” The hall is bright and the room is dark, It means that the living room must have sufficient lighting and air circulation, so if it can be filled with positive energy at any time, the index of good luck will naturally increase

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