How should the gate style be designed

The design style of the residential gate should be designed according to the size of the house, the indoor decoration style and the identity of the owner. It should be solemn, practical and beautiful, rather than blindly pursuing luxury, or designing the gate in a fancy way in order to dazzle. If the gate is too gorgeous, it will give people a sense of publicity and even lead to unnecessary jealousy. Moreover, the fancy design of the gate will reduce the level of the owner and make outsiders feel that the owner has no taste

but if it is a luxury house or villa, the gate should not be too simple and shabby, but should be set a little more luxurious, and the door should be opened as large as possible, so as to match the size of the house and the luxurious decoration inside. However, if the house area is relatively small, it is not suitable to set a relatively large door, and there should not be too much decoration. It can be solemn and practical

from the perspective of Feng Shui, in terms of the shape of the door, we should choose the square door, which is the implication of taking the round sky and place and solid foundation. We should never choose the circular arch. The circular door is generally used in churches and temples and is the symbol of another world; At the same time, it is not suitable to use a skew door, which is similar to ” Evil door ” ; Homophony will have a bad impact on the fortunes of homeowners

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