How to resolve the beam on the door

In general, when designing the gate, pay attention to avoid opening the gate under the top beam. If there is a crossbeam passing parallel above the door or room door and the door is pressed, the personnel in the family will often have inexplicable pressure and headache problems, which will be suppressed for a long time, and the luck is difficult to unfold. Feng Shui taboo at home gate ” mdash” mdash; If the beam presses the door, it will be suppressed as soon as you enter the door. In Feng Shui, the people in the master’s family can’t look up and be a man. They don’t succeed in their work and depend on others all their life

the gate is facing the top beam, which has two major hazards:

first, it will affect the health status of residents. The top beam is the most powerful part of the whole house, which means that the place under the top beam is the place under the strongest pressure of the whole house. The gate is not only the place where families go in and out, but also an important air outlet of the house. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the strength of the gate itself is difficult to compete with the heavy pressure of the top beam. If the family goes in and out under this heavy pressure for a long time, they are prone to fatigue and illness

Second, the gate is the entrance of a house’s wealth and gas transportation, and it is also the place where anger is most concentrated. There is a strong pressure above the arterial gate. The journey is pressed and it is difficult to extend, which affects the career of the family and makes people often miss opportunities or fail to meet talents. The pressure on the top beam is very strong. Although you can place Huasha spirit beast or copper coin on the top of the door, it is difficult to completely dissolve the evil spirit, so it is best to avoid choosing such a house

solution method :

hang a string on both sides of the beam ” Five emperors money ” ; Resolve, six emperors’ money and ten emperors’ money; Or put a ” under the beam; Copper Feng Shui gourd ”

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