What kind of Feng Shui effect can cats bring

Cat is one of the most common household pets. It is not only cute and simple to raise, but also may have some good effects on residential Feng Shui. From the perspective of Feng Shui, cat is an animal with sufficient Yang, which can add Yang and vitality to the house. The cat’s habit is to stay in a warm place and get close to the owner. It can not only drive away the owner’s loneliness, but also bring warmth to the owner. The warm aura emitted by cats is very helpful to the health of family members, and can bring people good mood

in addition, cats can play a certain role in protecting the wealth of the family. Cats can control mice in the house, and the presence of mice, stealing and biting of household goods are considered to be signs of poor financial luck. Mice are very smart and good at hiding. They act recklessly at home, which symbolizes that the source of wealth is unstable and it is difficult to accumulate money. In the face of this situation, the best way is to keep a pet cat. The cat is the natural enemy of the mouse, and the mouse can be restrained in the gas field

it is said that the cat and the mouse were good friends. When the court selected 12 animals as the representatives of the twelve zodiac animals that day, the cat and the mouse made an appointment to go together. As a result, the mouse took the lead and hid on the horn of the ox to become the first of the twelve zodiac animals, while the cat went late and was excluded. Therefore, the cat hated the mouse and caught it when it saw the mouse, while the mouse hid when it saw the cat. Keeping a pet cat can not only drive away the existing money breaking mice at home, but also prevent other mice from gathering at home and damaging the house

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