How to design the light in the bathroom

The toilet is a space with heavy moisture and filth, so the design should minimize the impact of moisture and filth on the house. A good bathroom must first have good lighting and ventilation conditions. Ventilation is the best way to eliminate moisture, and sufficient natural light is the best choice for sterilization and decontamination

the light in the bathroom should be simple and bright, which can make the bathroom look clean and generous, and bright has the Feng Shui Effect of expelling the air of dampness. If the natural light of the residential toilet is insufficient, you need to use lighting. At this time, you can choose warm light to increase the heat in the house, because the humidity in the bathroom is too heavy. Warm light can supplement the indoor Yang and create a healthy and warm bathing environment. But at the same time, it should also be equipped with cold light setting. Cold light should be used when the weather is too hot to give people a cool feeling

in addition, if the washstand is in the bathroom, a softer light can be designed nearby to make yourself look more emotional in the mirror and bring a good living mood

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