Why must the study have sufficient daylighting

When choosing a house, it is difficult to have everything in Feng Shui. Let’s say the lighting conditions. It is difficult to make every room of the house have good lighting conditions. However, if a study is prepared at home, the daylighting conditions of the study must be considered emphatically. Because the study is the main space for studying and working at home, both the children’s studies and the career development of parents are closely related to the feng shui of the study

sunshine represents an upward and promoting Qi in Feng Shui. A sunny study gives people a clear and clean feeling and can enhance the Wenchang luck of the study. It is a symbol of a bright future and is considered to be the primary condition for the auspiciousness of the study

in addition, there are many books stacked in the study, which are easy to breed bacteria and bookworms. In ancient times, scholars often dried books on clear days in order to kill bookworms and bacteria and disinfect books. Today’s urban housing may not be able to provide a special space for drying books, but a study with sufficient light can also play the role of drying books to a certain extent. However, the light in the study should not be too strong, otherwise it will affect the thinking ability of the residents and cause dizziness, which is not conducive to study and career

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