Do you need Feng Shui to buy furniture

What is the most important problem when buying furniture? Price, style, shape and size may be more important issues. However, it should be clear that furniture is ultimately placed at home and become a part of the family, so the feng shui of furniture is bound to have a certain impact on residential Feng Shui

therefore, when buying furniture, we should learn how to look at Feng Shui. Here we will introduce you to how to look at Feng Shui of furniture

buying furniture also depends on Feng Shui? What do you think of furniture Feng Shui

1. Look at the shape of furniture: what is considered here is the basic shape. Generally, in Feng Shui, only circular and square shapes are the most formal shapes. As for other irregular shapes, they will lead to the instability of Feng Shui aura of furniture. Therefore, buyers should try to focus on circular or square when providing furniture. As for those furniture that looks very personalized but has irregular shapes, It may be unfavorable to the house

2. Look at the color of furniture: different colors have different Feng Shui energy. When buying furniture, we should not only consider whether the color of furniture matches with the color of the house, but also consider whether this color will affect people’s luck, especially the fate of the owner. If the master’s destiny belongs to water, then you should try to avoid buying furniture with five elements of fire, such as red. Otherwise, it will be unfavorable to the master’s fortune

3. Look at the size of furniture: different furniture should be placed in different positions, and the size should also be different. The appropriate size can not only better meet the needs of indoor space and beautify the indoor environment, but also help the feng shui of residence. Therefore, when buying furniture, the size should be based on the size of the space

these are Feng Shui problems that we need to consider when buying furniture. Otherwise, once there is a problem with Feng Shui of furniture, it will inevitably affect the feng shui of the whole house and people’s luck

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