What are the taboos of Feng Shui at different entrance

In Feng Shui, there are also many taboos at the door that need our attention; So, what are the Feng Shui taboos at the door? What are the Feng Shui taboos at the entrance of the villa?? What are the Feng Shui taboos at the door? The following is the Feng Shui taboo at the door

Feng Shui taboos at the door of entry

What Feng Shui taboos are there at the door of entry

1. Avoid facing the elevator at the door of entry

from the perspective of Feng Shui, the elevator is an endless road in another way. With its rise and fall, this road is always disturbing the stability and calm in front of the door. The requirement of Feng Shui on door Qi is just the main static. Therefore, if the entrance door is facing the elevator, it will certainly affect the harmony of Feng Shui

As we all know, the gate is like the throat of a home and an important gateway to communicate the internal and external Qi field. The mirror represents the function of reflection. When you open the door to the mirror, you will reflect all the good luck brought into the house or the blessings in the house

Third, the entrance door should not go all the way to the end

in home feng shui, the most taboo point is that after the entrance door is opened, it goes all the way to the end, especially a back door or a large floor to ceiling window is installed opposite the entrance door. In this way, it is easy to cause the gas field to go straight, and the luck is easy to be capricious

IV. do not open the door to the toilet when entering the house

open the door to the toilet, which is the easiest situation to see in the rental house. In modern society, in order to maximize profits, many real estate businesses will disrupt the good pattern of houses and make room for more houses as much as possible. Therefore, there are many unreasonable patterns. If your home is to open the door to see the toilet, this Feng Shui aura is also poor

Feng Shui taboo at the entrance of villa

1 The door of the villa should not be too narrow

the door is the air port of the house. The air port should not be too narrow. The front of the door is broad, which is called Mingtang open, which is conducive to Feng Shui. (6) the gate should not face the chimney, which emits dirty gas and waste gas, which is particularly harmful to human health. Of course, it is not good to have a chimney outside the balcony and window

  2. The villa door should not face the corridor or passage

the door should not face the corridor or passage. The depth inside the house is less than the length of the corridor, which is the most inappropriate. The screen can be decorated inside to change the effect of the door. If the house is on the ground floor and the gate is facing the main road, annular trees or flowers can be planted

  3. The door of the villa cannot be directly facing the elevator

if the elevator is directly facing the household door, it is difficult to ensure the privacy of the home. There is always a feeling of being monitored when entering and leaving, which affects the quality of home life. At the same time, the up and down elevators also form a constantly cutting magnetic field, disturbing people’s living atmosphere, which will naturally affect the health and fortune of residents

  4. The door of the villa is arched

if the door is arched, it looks like a tombstone, similar to a shady house, which is very unlucky. This situation often occurs in the villa and needs special attention. Feng Shui Tips: generally, there are front and rear doors on the first floor of houses such as duplex houses and conjoined villas, and the back door generally leads to the garden. Note that the front door and the rear door should not be opened in a straight line and should be staggered. If they are already in a straight line, some decorative shielding can be made at the front door or the rear door

  5. The door of the villa cannot directly face the window, back door or toilet

the door and window are the channels for regulating qi and the openings for air flow in and out of the house. According to ” ; Don’t rush, like whirling ” ; In this way, the air flow cannot gather in the house and wealth cannot gather. The toilet is a foul space, and the door should not be directly facing the toilet

  6. The villa door cannot directly face the big tree, dead end, fire lane or triangular Street

if the big tree is at the door, it will bring in excessive Yin Qi, and the big tree will not directly rush to the door. The gate shall not face the dead end, fire lane or triangular street, which are places with heavy yin or waste gas. The gate can’t face a big mountain or the gorge of the mountain. The mountain blocks the view, while the gorge is like a trap. It’s not good to face the trap often

  7. The door of the villa should be clean and bright

open the door, the line of sight should be bright and tidy, do not stack any obstacles in front of the door, there is a space for free movement, and there will be a sense of comfort and smoothness in and out of the door every day. If the doorway space is relatively small, you can make visual adjustment by setting light or decorative light color at the doorway

No. 3 of Feng Shui at the entrance of the villa:

open the door to the toilet: the toilet is a dirty place, which not only affects the overall feeling, but also is very obscene

open door: known as ” Open the door to the stove and waste more money ” ; Say it

open the door to the mirror: the mirror is a reflection. The mirror is facing the door, which is easy to reflect wealth and should not be stingy

three Feng Shui Tips for entering the villa:

open the door and see the Red: red means red fire, which means happiness and auspiciousness, making people feel sunny and happy at the beginning

Green: green means full of vitality. It is a symbol of vitality and gives people a feeling of vitality

open door painting: both ink and wash painting and watercolor oil painting can well reflect the taste and temperament of the owner

What are the Feng Shui taboos at the door

1 The gate should be new rather than old and dilapidated

  2. The gate should not be narrow, so it is not suitable to absorb wealth and anger, and luck can’t get in

  3. The gate should not be convex or concave. Not to mention the problem of evil spirit, from a psychological point of view, most of the people who like to build the gate are rugged and grotesque. They are people who like to flaunt their personality and withdrawn personality. Such personality is not conducive to interpersonal communication and lack of happiness

  4. The shape of the gate should not be semicircular arch. Like a tombstone, like a shady house. Bad luck

  5. The color of the gate should match the owner’s five elements

  6. The door should be painted in red and green. Red refers to festive decoration, etc. Green refers to fresh plants. Painting refers to calligraphy and painting works with interest, self-restraint, comfortable and lively content

  7. The stove, toilet and mirror should not be seen in the door. See the stove burning money, see the toilet foul gas attacking people, see the mirror reflect the wealth and happiness away. In the same sentence, the door is waiting for the main road, ” God of wealth ” ; (including dignitaries and other people who can bring you wealth) and the places where you want to get in and out of luck, there should be no fire, no foul gas, and of course, you can’t take a mirror to reflect away. Wait

  8. The door cannot face the bedroom door. The bedroom is a place of privacy. It’s not good to have a panoramic view of the privacy as soon as you enter the door. In addition, opening the door and the air flow directly into the bedroom is also unhealthy. You can block a screen or hang a bead curtain in the middle to dissolve it

  9. The gate is so important. That’s about the feng shui of the gate. I hope it can help you. I also wish you all wealth, good luck and great joy when you go out

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