What are the taboos in the layout of the old people’s room

As filial children, the health of the elderly is our greatest wish, so building a bedroom suitable for the elderly is the primary task. The elderly bedroom should pay attention to the following points:

① traditional Feng Shui believes that the northwest is the positive position of parents, which is conducive to the elderly to sleep, but its deficiency is that it is too cold, which has a certain impact on the elderly’s health. In fact, the rooms with sufficient sunlight in the southeast and South are the most suitable

② the color of the old people’s room should be light and elegant. The old people hope to live a peaceful life in their old age. The elegant tone of the room just conforms to their mood at this time. Too bright or pale colors will stimulate the nerves of the old people and make them unable to enjoy peace in their own room, which will damage the health of the old people. Too cold color is not suitable for the elderly room, because living in a cool room will deepen the loneliness of the elderly. Living in such a lonely and depressed psychological state for a long time will seriously affect the health of the elderly

③ the old people’s room should be close to the bathroom as far as possible to facilitate the elderly. Of course, it is best to have convenient lighting and communication tools. Another point is that the ground cannot be treated high and low. If it is a building, it is better to be placed downstairs

④ the bed for the elderly should be hard, and sundries should not be placed at the bottom of the bed. The head of the bed can face east, West, North and south. If the sleep quality is not high, it is easier to fall asleep in the west, followed by the northwest, southwest, northeast and Southeast

⑤ some landscape flower and bird paintings symbolizing longevity, health and good fortune, or some calligraphy crafts should be placed in the elderly’s room. Wind chimes and some vulgar, indecent and unclean ornaments should be avoided

⑥ in terms of materials, avoid using too many metals and modern composite engineering plastics. It is advisable to use more natural, environmental friendly and less polluting materials, such as wood, wallpaper and wooden floor. Its gas field is more consistent with that of the elderly

⑦ if conditions permit, it’s best to place a desk and a double sofa. Rattan chairs are better for the elderly to chat and study, but one thing is that the sofa should be placed on the wall. If an air conditioner is installed, be careful not to blow directly

the health and longevity of the elderly is the blessing of their children. Filial piety to the elderly is not only a virtue, but also a good way to improve their fortune. It is our responsibility as women to make their living environment comfortable and warm in their later years