The more windows in the house, the better

In order to pursue ventilation and lighting, some houses have opened many windows, which is not conducive to home feng shui. How many windows to open must be determined according to the size of the room. Generally speaking, only one window is more appropriate for the house. If the bedroom is large, two smaller windows can be opened. Three or more windows are not suitable for residents’ houses

first of all, it is unfavorable to daylighting and ventilation. The light is easy to be too strong, the air outlet is too large, the air flow disperses quickly, the wealth is consumed quickly, and it also affects the harmony of the family. The arrangement of houses in home feng shui requires harmony; Second, it requires a clear distinction between primary and secondary. Too many windows destroy the harmonious beauty of the room, which is not in line with the view of modern environmental aesthetics, but also disturbs the harmony in the room

secondly, the status of each component of a house is different. For example, the door is like a person’s face, and the living room is like a person’s heart. Each has different meanings. The relationship between door and window is usually compared to the relationship between parents and children. There are too many windows and the status of doors is weakened, which is easy to cause children’s rebellion and family discord

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