In what direction do you open windows with poor Feng Shui

Feng Shui believes that the west, North and northwest are not suitable for shaped windows. Because the West and North are not very good in lighting and ventilation, which will affect the mood of residents. The west is vulnerable to large areas of strong afternoon light, and people are vulnerable to the sun. The north is relatively backlit and has poor daylighting. It’s not important to say that the wind from the north is often cold. Especially in winter, the north wind says to the window. If there are women at home, it’s especially inappropriate to live in a room with a window in the north

in addition, neither the white tiger position in the West nor the basaltic position in the north is a auspicious position. The west gives people the impression that the west mountain is becoming thinner and thinner, especially for the elderly, it is not suitable to open windows in the West; The Yin Qi in the north is very good

however, the opening direction of the windows in the home should be considered in comparison with the five elements of the residents and other designs of the room. For example, if the people in this room are short of five elements of gold, it is suitable to open the west window, but there should be good light blocking facilities. And if all the windows in the home face the same direction, the five elements in this direction may be too busy

generally speaking, the study has the highest requirements for daylighting. The window of the study should be opened to the East, which can fully daylighting, and the light will not be too strong. Moreover, it also implies that the master’s study and career have been greatly improved

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