What’s the Feng Shui in the kitchen window

Some people think Feng Shui is superstitious, but many people don’t think so. This also has a certain basis for Feng Shui. Sometimes we believe it doesn’t do any harm, but now people’s living standards have improved and they have some thoughts about decoration. In fact, it has a great impact on the family. Do you understand

the feng shui of the kitchen window faces

East, which will bring good fortune. Kitchen window Feng Shui, facing east is conducive to the development of one’s wealth. It will easily give financial luck a certain opportunity to continuously improve, and even make partial financial luck come. In some projects, it will reflect its own advantages, so as to have a good financial trend

the cause of Chaoxi is developed. The west is conducive to a person’s career development. In terms of Feng Shui, it is the direction that needs to be paid attention to in terms of career growth. Then, in order to make your career have a stable situation and constantly have new opportunities, the best way is to face the west of the kitchen window

is to the south. The position facing south is conducive to the feelings of residents. The orientation of such a window in the kitchen is essentially conducive to the development of a person’s good fortune. It will make it easier for a person to meet the right person in his feelings, and even fall in love with the person he likes at first sight. He will hold the beauty back and enjoy the sweetness of love

Feng Shui taboo of kitchen window

kitchen stove taboo facing the window. If the stove in the kitchen directly faces the window, the air flow outside will enter the kitchen through the window during cooking, which will affect the stability of the stove fire. It not only brings inconvenience to cooking, but also has the theory of money leakage, which is called money leakage effect in Feng Shui. In order to avoid this situation, we should make reasonable planning when decorating the house and set the stove away from the window. If it has been fully decorated and cannot be changed, we can also adjust the position of the stove and stay away from the window as far as possible

kitchen windows should not be opened in the north, northeast, South and southwest. The orientation of kitchen windows is very important in Feng Shui and has different influence on the home. According to the records of feng shui knowledge, the East, Southeast, West or northwest can bring vigorous wood Qi and gold Qi, and health preservation focuses on wood Qi and gold Qi. Therefore, the kitchen windows should be opened in these four directions, especially in the East and Southeast, which is conducive to the physical and mental health of family members. Taboo driving in the north, northeast, South and West will not only affect residential Feng Shui, but also seriously affect the health of family members. If the orientation of the window cannot be changed, trees can be planted in the window, which can play a role in dissolving bad feng shui

Feng Shui decoration of kitchen windows

1. Orientation of kitchen windows

windows are suitable to be opened in favorite positions, but this can be judged only by the fate of the owner, such as ” Yang life and fire face each other ” , The preferred location is the southwest. Opening a window in the southwest is conducive to the accumulation of wind and gas

2. The kitchen window should not be smashed

there are always various things outside the window. If you are not careful, you will make a mistake. For example, the two buildings are very close, and there is a huge gap seen from the window. It is called heaven cutting evil in Feng Shui, which is easy to cause the family to suffer a disaster of blood and light. If you want to resolve it, you need to place a copper horse at the mouth of the evil spirit; If the situation is more serious, put enlarged copper coins and five emperor coins. If you see something similar to a knife from the kitchen window, you will commit the knife evil spirit, which is easy to hurt and get sick. You need to use copper coins to block the evil spirit, or hang a string of copper coins on the kitchen window to spread the evil spirit

we know that the kitchen is used for cooking, so it will make people feel that the smell of oil smoke is relatively heavy, the Chinese people’s eating habits are relatively heavy, and the windows are also essential. The design of windows is a very important point in the building, which can also play a role in decoration and make the kitchen more beautiful

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