Reasonably place pictures on the kitchen stove

In fact, we all know that the kitchen is a place that can produce delicious food, and the kitchen has always been easy to be concerned by everyone. Everyone hopes that they can get safe and healthy. In fact, it is not so easy to ignore the feng shui of the stove. What are the Feng Shui taboos on the display of the kitchen stove

Feng Shui taboo on the placing position of the stove

1. The five elements of the stove belong to fire, and the door is an air port. If the stove is opposite to the kitchen door, the fire and gas rush, it is easy to cause discord among the family, and it is also detrimental to the health and money of the family. Therefore, the stove is taboo facing the kitchen door

2. Mr. Bai Long Wang Xu reminded that the stove should not be set in the center of the kitchen. If it is located in the center of the kitchen, there is a sense of insecurity on all sides, which is easy to make the family spiritual emptiness, instability, mental depression, etc., and predict the disaster of money loss

3. The stove should be supported by the back, which can be placed against the wall. When housewives cook, they have a backer behind them, which means that the family is smooth, the life is guaranteed, the work is stable, the body is healthy and the wealth is prosperous. Therefore, it is taboo to have no backing behind the stove

4. If the stove is directly facing the bedroom door, it will be too angry. After a long time, it will become grumpy and aggressive. It often makes the family disharmonious, and going out is also a disaster. In addition, it is also harmful to the health of family members

pay attention to the placement position of the stove

the stove cannot be placed near the sink. The stove cannot be on the same horizontal line as the sink, nor too close, because this will form a Feng Shui pattern of water and fire, resulting in the five elements, the collision of luck, and the influence of kitchen Feng Shui. Therefore, how to avoid being too close to the water source is the most important aspect we should pay attention to when decorating the kitchen

the size of the stove should conform to common sense. When designing the kitchen stove, pay attention to the space area of the kitchen, which should be determined according to the actual needs of the family. If the kitchen is not big, then do not choose a large stove, because it will make the kitchen look very crowded. For a large stove, in a small kitchen, the stove fire in the kitchen will be too strong, which will destroy the balance of Feng Shui in the kitchen

the orientation and placement of the stove. The kitchen is divided into bad position and good position, and the stove placed in the good position of the kitchen represents good luck. If placed in the bad position, it will lead to a decline in wealth. In addition, the orientation of the stove is also very important. The orientation of the stove cannot be opposite to the door

what should we pay attention to when placing the stove

in terms of Feng Shui when placing the stove, it is very important to pay attention not to stack it too disorderly. Because if you pile up too much, it will easily hinder a person’s wealth. Only when the stove is clean and tidy, can people give full play to their unique advantages to create wealth, and there will be some opportunities for happiness

it’s better to keep the stove vertical to the window. If it’s really not possible, parallel ones are also possible. The most taboo is that if they are too far apart, it will easily lead to a person’s poor career development. In fact, if there are always some situations in a person’s kitchen, the stove is easy to be dim

the cleanliness of the stove should be maintained. It’s best to use your spare time to ensure such a point. If you feel laborious, you can clean it regularly, such as once a month. It’s absolutely not allowed to never take care of this problem, unless you don’t eat and cook at home, it’s another matter

in fact, each of us should make good use of the information we have at hand, or some processing methods in our daily life, but this can certainly bring us good opportunities and make our fortune better. But we don’t understand many things, and we can’t take into account the content of Feng Shui

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