How to transform the toilet

Whether you prefer a simple shower or the fun of taking a bath in the bathtub, the bathroom is undoubtedly a happy paradise for urban people to release the pressure of life and an extremely important part of home living space. Some people love beauty and others enjoy it. Many people spend no more time and money on bathroom than family facade ” mdash” mdash; The living room is poor. If the orientation of the toilet at home is poor, how should we carry out beneficial transformation

first of all, in terms of house Feng Shui, in order to prevent the toilet from bringing bad looks to the family, it is best to set it in the northwest, Southeast or due east. If the toilet is set in the due north or northeast direction, it must be shifted, as long as it can avoid the center of the north by 15 degrees; If it is set in the northeast direction, as long as it can avoid the 15 degree direction of the Northeast Center; Even if the whole toilet is located in the due north or northeast direction, it is feasible as long as the position of the toilet deviates from these 15 degrees. If the toilet was previously placed in this range, it can be moved as long as the toilet does not need to be rebuilt

in addition to the due north and northeast directions, the toilets in the southwest are also dangerous. If you want to move, you can only move the toilet from due west to northwest. The Feng Shui in the West toilet is not very good, but as long as there is no married girl at home, there is no need to worry too much

however, if you want to find a perfect solution, you can move the toilet and urinal to the northwest, that is, within the range of Ren or GUI. No family should have a toilet in the due south direction. If there is one, it’s best to move it to the due east, Southeast and northwest directions, because the due south direction is the best direction for daylighting. If the toilet occupies this position, it may affect the good luck of the homeowner and his family. When moving the location of the toilet, we must pay attention to that it must not be adjacent to the altar. Otherwise, it will turn the fortune of the home into a bad look

I. toilet in the center

when setting the orientation of the bathroom and toilet, the bathroom and toilet cannot be set in the center of the house. There are three reasons:

1 According to the orientation described by Feng Shui, the central part of the room belongs to soil, while the bathroom and toilet belong to water. If the bathroom and toilet belonging to water are set in the central part of the room belonging to soil, there will be an adverse situation of soil conquering water

  2. If the bathroom and toilet are set in the center of the house, the water supply and drainage in the room may pass through other rooms. In this way, once the water supply pipe or drainage pipe has problems, it will be very difficult to repair. If the sewage pipe in the toilet also passes through other rooms, it will be even more troublesome

  3. The center of the whole house is like a person’s heart, which plays a vital role. If there is dirt in the heart, can it still be called auspicious house

II. sleeping under the toilet

modern cities are narrow and crowded, and every inch of land is worth every penny of money. In this case, some families change their bathroom or toilet into a bedroom in order to save space, thinking that this can live more people, but this is seriously contrary to the way of Feng Shui, and strictly speaking, it is not conducive to the environmental sanitation of their home

genealogy believes that bathrooms and toilets are unclean places, which should be set in the evil side to suppress the evil star. It is not appropriate to make the bedroom adjacent to the bathroom and toilet, let alone change the bathroom or toilet into a bedroom. In terms of overall environmental sanitation, it is not appropriate, because although the bathroom and toilet on your floor have been changed into bedrooms, it will not be the same upstairs and downstairs. Is it very embarrassing that your bedroom is sandwiched between the bathrooms on the upper and lower floors? In addition, if there is sewage leakage from the bathroom and toilet upstairs, the people sleeping under it will bear the brunt, which is not hygienic at all

III. closed bathroom and toilet

the bathrooms and toilets of some houses are designed to be fully closed. There are no windows in the whole room, only one exhaust fan, and this exhaust fan is not often used. Genealogy believes that there must be windows in the bathroom and toilet, so that the indoor sunshine can be sufficient and the air can circulate well

in fact, we all know that windows can make it easier for the turbid gas in the bathroom and toilet to be discharged outdoors, which is conducive to keeping the indoor air fresh. If the whole space is completely closed and lacks ventilation equipment. It must be bad for the health of your family. Some people will choose some air fresheners to regulate the indoor smell, but air fresheners only change the taste of the air and have no improvement on the quality of the air

IV. villa bathroom

for some villa buildings or compound houses, when decorating, residents usually only consider the collocation between the rooms in the floor plan, ignoring the corresponding relationship between the upper and lower floors. However, according to family economics, the relationship between the upper and lower floors is also very important, For example, the bathroom and toilet are just pressed on the bedroom, which is a terrible house appearance. When the turbidity in the bathroom and toilet drops into the bedroom, how can the residents downstairs be in good health

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