Kitchen wall color Feng Shui taboo

Everyone likes different colors, so they will choose different colors for home decoration. Most people will choose their favorite colors according to their preferences, so as to be used in home decoration. However, color will also be related to Feng Shui. Different colors will form different Feng Shui auras. Of course, Feng Shui must be paid attention to when choosing kitchen colors, In particular, we should pay attention to some relevant Feng Shui taboos. What are the Feng Shui taboos of kitchen wall color? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

I. kitchen color taboo

in Feng Shui, white is the best in the kitchen. If only from the perspective of use, the kitchen is a place for cooking, white can at least show that such sanitation is good, spotless, and the diet can be assured. Moreover, white not only can not arouse people’s emotions, but also helps people calm all kinds of emotions. Usually, white symbolizes calm, and all emotions are gradually released and faded. We should release the true meaning of our own health and bad mood

red means passion, and a small amount of red can be used for decoration. It can reduce fatigue and release vitality

black and white have the effect of stabilizing emotions. For insomnia and grumpy people, it has a good calming effect

green can bring people a comfortable and refreshing feeling. Suitable for bedroom and toilet decoration

orange is a symbol of vitality. Using orange dining tables and cabinets can stimulate people’s appetite and promote blood circulation

if the kitchen ceiling adopts light and bright colors, then the floor adopts dark colors. This matching effect is the best in Feng Shui

in the kitchen color Feng Shui, this can give people the feeling of stable indoor center of gravity. In addition, the kitchen facing north can adopt some warm colors to make up for the regret caused by the lack of sunshine. The kitchen facing Southeast can use cool colors to reduce the indoor temperature

in the kitchen color Feng Shui, white can not only arouse people’s emotions, but also stabilize people’s emotions, which is why hospitals mostly focus on white. Only white is the cleanest and purest, which has nothing to do with any emotion, so it has great inclusiveness

II. The colors of the five kitchen lines

the colors corresponding to the five lines respectively:

blue, black and gray belong to water in the five lines

pink, orange and red belong to fire in the five elements

white, gold and silver belong to gold in the five elements

green and green belong to wood in the five elements

yellow, brown and coffee belong to soil in the five elements

Third, the color of the kitchen affects the mood

it is said that people who cook can’t let go of things in their lives, especially the hostess. She lives completely on the man’s face, and sometimes she is very sad. For women, the kitchen is really their own world. Cooking is sometimes a great pleasure in life. The advantage of choosing white is to let go all the bad things in your heart, turn yourself into a blank, find the fun of life again between pots and pans, find women’s confidence, and find softness and amorousness

a kitchen like that seems to have a magic that can heal all wounds in a busy time. The real meaning of white kitchen is that we should learn to release all bad emotions and find our own peace and health. Even men can try to cook a meal if they are upset. Maybe after a while, your mood can change a lot. In the kitchen color Feng Shui problem, white is the best. Whether in terms of hygiene, or affecting our appetite and the mood of cooks, the unique purity and smoothness of white are the best choice

after knowing the above articles, you must also know how to choose the color of the kitchen. Although choosing a color you like can make you have a good mood every day, only choosing a color that meets the requirements of Feng Shui can make you have good luck every day

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