What’s good feng shui on the air conditioner

The air conditioner should be placed on the left side of the door. Try to avoid the air from the air conditioner blowing directly to the bed. Now the air conditioner can not only cool, but also warm. Refrigeration and heating are different. When air conditioning and heating, it’s best to choose a place closer to home, not the air outlet at home, otherwise the home will easily cause fire, etc. It’s best to put it on the left side of the door, which is neither the air outlet nor the use of air conditioning.

You can also choose the orientation of the air conditioner according to the family’s five element attributes. The air conditioner itself belongs to gold. To find out the placement position, the method is very simple. Which family member needs gold, and putting the air conditioner in the position of the member is the most favorable Feng Shui decoration. For example, the father needs gold and puts it in the northwest, while the mother needs gold and puts it in the southwest. The wind released by the air conditioner will create a geomantic magnetic field and bring good geomantic omen.

When placing, it is better to adjust the air outlet of the air conditioner upward, which is more beneficial to the feng shui of the home. Because the wind direction is upward, it means that the air flow is swirling down from the ceiling, and this air outlet is the best for the blowing of the air flow. The air conditioner is placed in the best Feng Shui direction, and these three positions are the most suitable.

With the rising temperature, many people have begun to use air conditioners to cool down. From the perspective of Feng Shui, air conditioning refrigeration and air supply is equivalent to a ” Air port, Therefore, its placement should not be careless.

If it is placed improperly, it will lead to the leakage of wealth and gas in the house, and the family will not recover for a long time. So, today FStips will tell you about the installation and placement of air conditioning Feng Shui. Let’s have a look.

Avoid the door:

From the perspective of Feng Shui, the house must follow ” Accumulation of wind and gas; And the gate is the gas receiving mouth of the house. It should be ensured that its gas circulation is smooth.

If the air conditioner in the home is installed facing the door, the wind blown by the air conditioner will collide with the auspicious gas entering the home, resulting in the inability of the house to accumulate wealth and the risk of wealth leakage. In addition, the air conditioner facing the door will also blow out the popularity of the home, making the home deserted and lack of warmth.

Avoid sofa:

Sofa is the place where families often sit and lie. It should hide wind and gather Qi, be quiet and harmonious, and be conducive to family rest and entertainment. If the air conditioner is installed directly on the sofa, it will make the air flow blow directly on the human body, which makes people feel very uncomfortable.

At the same time, it is also easy to blow away the atmosphere around the sofa, make the family unstable, hinder the career development, it is difficult for noble people to help, and it is also extremely unfavorable to the financial luck of the family.

Avoid the bed:

The bed is a place for people to rest and sleep. If the air conditioner is installed directly against the bed, it is also very inappropriate. You know, after entering deep sleep, people need a stable and peaceful sleep environment.

The wind from the air conditioner will directly disturb the Feng Shui Qi field of the sleeper, resulting in the dispersion of wealth in the home. In addition, this is not conducive to the health of sleepers.

Avoid cooking stove:

the stove is the place where the family makes a fire for cooking. If the air conditioner is installed directly against the stove at home, the wind blown by the air conditioner will make the flame of the fire unstable and the heat uneven during cooking, thus affecting the quality of food. If it goes on for a long time, it is easy to cause damage to the health of family members and get entangled by gastrointestinal diseases.

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