What’s the color of the door is good in feng shui at home

A: the color of the front door is also considered in the investigation of the gas receiving of the Feng Shui first weight door. A professional geomantic omen master must notice the incoming air outside the door before he gets started. At the same time, he will subconsciously notice the color of the door

later, we will carefully study the cooperation between the gate and the house owner from the divinatory symbols. Generally speaking, the gate with too much red is the most undesirable. It’s a very terrible signal. Many people refuse to resist the door with red when it’s cloudy (self righteous). This is a great mistake. On the contrary, it will lead to disaster, family and population discord, and prevent official litigation. It’s their fault to ask for trouble

followed by blue and black, both of which attract Yin, cause disease and return money. I once met a gentleman who is very superstitious about feng shui. He often watches TV metaphysics programs and buys a lot of Feng Shui books from the market to read, so as to know some Feng Shui fur. Home layout is based on what books say. How effective it will be is unknown

a new guest came to the opposite door. He is a tutor in the art of flower arrangement. All the people who often go in and out are women. I don’t know where he came from. He wants to change the gate to oil black. It is said that this is enough to control the Yin evil of the door. In fact, it is impossible to use this method to control evil spirits. Besides, women who go in and out of the door are decent people. How can they be called evil spirits? On the contrary, it brings harm to their families. The old and young in the family can’t leave the medicine pot. It’s really childish and pitiful

another way is to paint the door with earthy yellow, which is recognized by the ancient Feng Shui elders as five yellow, honest, Five ghosts and evil spirits of the whole Lord. More than half of them are of this color. After the five yellow stars and five black stars are stacked temporarily, the disease comes with it. But if you use bright pure yellow, the Lord will be lucky and safe, and you can also attract money

as for the five elements, if kanzhai belongs to water, it should be sky blue, lake color and kungen belongs to soil. Duyi coffee color or beige color, etc. are all based on the five elements of gold generating water, water generating wood, wood generating fire, fire generating soil, and earth generating gold. Is it negative? Should it be based on this? It’s better to live for use

to be restrained, the overall design is the best. The most stable one is to seek the neutralization color and integrate with the five elements, which is the most ideal

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