What’s a good picture of Feng Shui in the living room

What’s a good picture of Feng Shui in the living room ? What are the Feng Shui paintings suitable for the living room? What should I pay attention to when hanging Feng Shui paintings in the living room? What are the taboos of hanging Feng Shui paintings? Now let’s discuss these problems together

what to paint in the living room feng shui

7 taboos for painting Feng Shui in the living room:

first, pictures with too dark color or too much black cannot be bought. These paintings look heavy and make people depressed, pessimistic and lack of motivation

2. It is not suitable to hang more than one abstract figure painting, because it will make the family’s emotions repeated, psychological imbalance and easy to be nervous

Third, it is not suitable to hang the big head portrait of the deceased relatives, because it will make you do things to increase the pressure

IV. it is not suitable to hang pictures such as waterfalls, because the family members of these paintings have repeated luck

v. don’t hang too many red portraits, because it will make the family vulnerable to injury or grumpy

VI. pictures painted with fierce beasts should not be purchased, otherwise the health of the family will be poor

VII. Don’t hang the painting with the sunset sinking in the west, so this kind of painting has the effect of reducing the momentum

it is not easy to hang some pictures with depressed artistic conception in the living room. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it is not suitable to hang such pictures. These paintings include sunset reference, bleak leaves, old ducks with dead trees, walking alone, desolate homes in the middle of winter, and fierce beasts fighting each other. If such calligraphy and painting are hung at home, it will appear gloomy, listless, gray and lifeless. The owner will be affected by it

generally, it’s good to hang on to the southeast, southwest and south, but other directions are not very good. The shape of the tree should be better. Don’t bend and have broken branches. Hanging in the Northeast will hurt hands and feet, but hanging in the southwest is bad for women

what kind of painting is good for Feng Shui in the living room

1. Calligraphy: the most common use of calligraphy in Feng Shui is blocking ” Door brake, For example, the door is facing the bedroom. In Kanyu school, it is said that the door is facing the bedroom, because the rapid air flow formed by the opening and closing of the door will be straight ” Punch ” When you enter the room, you can hang ink on the door in this case

2. Calligraphy and painting of fish playing in the water: Guangdong Customs take ” Water ” ; For the sake of wealth, and the fish has an auspicious metaphor of surplus every year and surplus every year. Therefore, the Pisces playing in the water map and the nine fish map are most suitable for the 45 degree diagonal money at the front door of the living room ” Financial position ” ; Take the ” Recruit wealth ” ; Metaphor

3. Bamboo calligraphy and painting: the meaning is higher and higher, and it is easy to hang in the study, children’s bedroom, office, etc

4. Lotus calligraphy and painting: it is also a lotus, which means harmony and Qi. It comes out of mud without being stained. Those who believe in Buddhism also mean perfection and kindness. It is easy to hang in the living room, conference room, bedroom of the elderly, etc

5. Picture of the eagle spreading its wings: the eagle spreading its wings is usually hung in the study and living room, which represents a bright future, great ambition and high ambition, but special attention should be paid to the ” Mouth ” It is not suitable to face people’s head, so it is generally not suitable to hang on sofas and seats. 6. Smooth sailing calligraphy and painting: also due to the principle of five elements Shengke, it is not suitable to hang in the south. In addition, it must be noted that the waves under the sailboat cannot face the doors and windows

7. Landscape painting: the layout of landscape calligraphy and painting is more exquisite. It is generally suitable to be placed on the seat side of the whole house (the other side of the door) or on the left side of the living room chair and bed; Calligraphy and paintings with flat and round mountains can also be hung behind the desk as ” Backer ” , It can increase your luck. It is easy to hang behind the seats in the living room, conference room and office

8. Calligraphy and painting of peony picture: the national flower peony has always been loved by everyone because it symbolizes wealth and auspiciousness. Generally, you can choose the north and south for the peony picture at home, because peony is a wood, and the north is ” Water ” ; Land, wood, water and prosperity; The south is ” Fire ” ; In the past 20 years, this layout has boosted the nine purple wealth stars in Feng Shui; Because the west is ” Gold, Wood should not be Jinke, so peony pictures should not be placed in the West. Peony symbolizes wealth, beauty and prosperity. It is suitable for hanging in the living room and bedroom

hanging pictures on the walls of the living room and bedroom has become a common custom. Hanging a pair of calligraphy and painting works indoors can render the artistic atmosphere of the home, broaden vision and increase beauty. You will feel happy when you look at it every day

What are the hanging paintings suitable for Feng Shui in the living room

1. The picture of nine fish

a picture with nine live fish” IX ” ; Take the meaning of a long time” Fish ” ; It is a metaphor that everything goes well every year

jiuyu is also called ” Nine as ” , According to ancient books, the book of songs says: ” Tianbaoding’er, like a mountain, like a mountain, like a mausoleum, like a river; Like the constancy of the moon, like the rise of the sun, like the longevity of Nanshan Mountain, without collapse; “Or no, no, No.”;. There are nine ” Such as ” ; The characters are auspicious, and they are all auspicious. Because they are homonymous with fish, the picture of nine fish is drawn, so it is titled Jiuru as an auspicious decorative painting

fish belong to water in the five elements, and those born in summer and autumn owe water in the five elements, which is especially suitable for hanging the nine fish chart

2. Sanyang diagram

” mdash; A picture of three sheep, commonly known as ” Sanyo Qitai ” ; Or ” The sun shines ” ;. The meaning of the picture of three sheep is auspicious, which can bring good luck

however, the zodiac belongs to cattle, dogs and rats, which is incompatible with sheep, so it is not suitable to hang the picture of three sheep

3. Horse picture

hang the horse picture, which means rapid development. The horse belongs to fire in the five elements. Those born in spring and winter owe fire to the five elements. The horse with fire can make up for the deficiency

but the decorative painting of horses should not be hung in the south, because the divinatory symbols of horses belong to heaven and hang in the South (the five elements in the South belong to fire), that is ” Fire the Tianmen gate ” ; It’s a bad thing at home if you make a mistake of burning the Tianmen gate. Such as headache, dizziness, easy to cough, etc., and children are not filial, they often have disputes with their parents

if the Chinese Zodiac belongs to rats and cattle, which is incompatible with horses, it is not suitable to hang a picture of a horse

4. Phoenix picture

phoenix male says Phoenix, female says Phoenix, and Phoenix flies together. It is a symbol of harmony between husband and wife. As a auspicious bird, Phoenix has rich auspicious meanings

Phoenix has ” Chicken ” ; Summer and autumn are more suitable for those born

if the Chinese Zodiac belongs to rabbit and dog, it is not suitable to hang the Phoenix picture

5. The green dragon takes off

the dragon can represent the recruitment of noble people, excluding the representatives of right and wrong villains

hang up ” Green dragon takes off ” ; For decorative painting, the faucet should be inward rather than outward. Inward is a worship, and outward is an external omen, that is, the heart runs outward. The position of the dragon should be on the left of the living room, not on the right

the zodiac is not suitable for rabbits and dragons

6. Picture of tiger and beast

the picture of tiger hanging in the living room is prone to blood and light, especially when the tiger head is inward. Some people say that the tiger is powerful when it goes down the mountain. In fact, when it goes down the mountain, it will hurt people when it is hungry. The visible is the spirit. The tiger will hurt people when it goes down the mountain. If it goes up the mountain, it will be easier

if you really want to hang a tiger picture, it can only be suitable for people born in autumn. The zodiac belongs to monkey and snake, so it is not suitable to hang the picture of tiger

7. Picture of lions and beasts

like tigers, lions are fierce animals and are prone to bloodshed. But its image can drive away evil spirits and worship; The lion is also known as the auspicious beast that brings people fame and status. Like the tiger, the lion picture is suitable for people born in autumn, while the zodiac belongs to monkeys and snakes

when hanging the picture of the lion, the lion’s head must be outward. It’s best to hang the picture of the lion rolling the hydrangea, because the lion rolling the hydrangea is a celebration

8. Landscape painting

the scene of nature brings a sense of harmony to your home and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable at home. Landscape painting is most suitable for people born in autumn

but if there are pictures like waterfalls, it’s best not to hang them at home, because waterfalls will make the owner of the home lucky again and again. Don’t hang a picture of the sunset sinking in the west, because the picture of the sunset sinking in the West will make people feel depressed and lack the effect of momentum

9. Portrait painting

if it is a sketch of some beautiful characters, it is suitable for people of all zodiac signs, but if it is based on the images drawn by real people, it is not suitable for people belonging to horses, chickens, dragons and pigs, because real people painting is unfavorable to these people

in the space of a hall or a room, more than one abstract figure painting should not be hung, because more than two figure paintings will make the family’s emotions repeated, psychological imbalance and easy to be nervous

a relatively naked portrait is only suitable for hanging in the bedroom, because it is easy to reflect human space. If it is hung in the living room, it is easy to lead to the leakage of spring love from the family

10. Bat painting

because ” Bat ” ; And ” Blessing ” ; Homonymy, bats have become an auspicious symbol of good luck and happiness. Two bats are painted together, one is single and the other is complete. It represents the psychology of seeking perfection, auspiciousness and happiness

bats are shaped like rats, so those belonging to horses, rabbits and sheep are not suitable for hanging bat paintings

11. Picture of flying eagle

hanging a decorative picture of flying eagle, implying foresight

the picture of flying eagle is best on the right of the living room, with the head facing the door

the picture of flying eagle cannot be hung in the bedroom, otherwise it will talk about right and wrong; Don’t hang it in the study, otherwise you will think outside; Do not hang it in the hall of God, otherwise it is easy to enter the spirit and talk more

flying eagle has ” Chicken ” ; If the zodiac belongs to rabbit and dog, it is not suitable to hang the flying eagle chart

12. Picture of the rooster

in the year of the rooster, many people like to hang a picture of the rooster. The cock has five virtues, namely, culture, martial arts, courage, benevolence and faith. The cock is good at fighting and can ward off evil spirits. Therefore, the cock is a mascot to ward off evil spirits. Hanging in the living room can also eliminate peach blossom robbery

people belonging to rabbits and dogs in the Chinese zodiac are incompatible with chickens, so it is not suitable to hang the picture of roosters

after reading so much, do you know which Feng Shui hanging paintings are suitable for you. In fact, while adjusting the Feng Shui in the living room, these hanging paintings also have a certain ornamental and can also play the effect of adjusting the pace of life

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