What’s particular about Feng Shui in the living room

In home feng shui, the style of living room partition is different, and the Feng Shui effect will also be different. Therefore, in the process of purchase, it is best to select the appropriate partition according to the needs of home feng shui, rather than according to personal preferences or indoor decoration. In that way, it is easy to damage the indoor Feng Shui environment and have a certain adverse impact on the family’s Qi transportation

is there any difference in Feng Shui Effect between hollowed out and fully enclosed living rooms

nowadays, there are two kinds of living room partitions on the market. One is hollow partition, which is elegant and artistic. The other is a relatively traditional partition, which is fully enclosed and cannot be seen from both sides, giving people a mysterious and simple feeling

What are the Feng Shui effects of these two different styles of partitions

hollowed out partitions: most hollowed out partitions are placed on one side of the gate to avoid entering the door and directly seeing the living room, making the house more mysterious. The Feng Shui effect is mainly reflected in avoiding the strong gas field entering the gate and directly impacting the gas field of the living room, thus affecting the gas field of the living room. The hollow out design can disperse the gas field entering from outside the gate and enter the living room after dispersion, which will be of great help to the Feng Shui gas field of the living room

sealed partition: this completely sealed partition is completely invisible, and the sealing effect is good. Generally, this partition will be placed between the door and the living room, or in the living room to divide the living room space. Of course, it only works in the relatively large living room. As for its Feng Shui effect, it is used to isolate the circulation of the gas field and avoid the situation of gas field hedging or gas field mutual restriction. Separating the two gas fields with the living room partition can well avoid this kind of situation

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