What about the “corner” shooting at the door in feng shui?

On that day, Liu Tai came to visit Fstips and hoped that Fstips could take his place. Liu Tai is forty-three years old this year and has been ordered to commit suicide. In the facial appearance, I saw some red, purple and black colors near the head of the left eye. This part is mostly ” Hall of light, The Lord’s 43 year old fleeting luck belongs to the ” Tianzhaigong ”

there is a triangle in the lifeline of Mrs. Liu’s palm, which is the main disaster of blood and light, and the triangle is also at the age of 43

Fstips asked: ” Have you had any injuries or needed stitches this year” ;

Liu Tai said: ” I don’t think so, but does miscarriage count” ;

“ Of course, because this is also a bloody disaster” ;

Liu Taiwen: ” How about the fleeting years in the future” ;

“ The bridge of your nose is jointed, and the light hall looks very bad. The luck of 43 and 44 years old is very bad. The upper part of your left eye belongs to tianzhai palace. The objects in your home are easy to be damaged and there must be problems with Feng Shui at home” ;

Liu Tai said: ” The TV set broke down in the middle of the year, but a new one has been replaced. The faucet in the kitchen has been repaired twice, and now it drips again. What’s wrong with my Feng Shui” ;

editor in chief: ” Without your family’s plan and your birth data, you can’t see where your feng shui is wrong” ;

Mrs. Liu took the pen and paper and drew plans on the paper. According to the plan, the gate of Liu’s house was pointed by a corner. In geomantic omen, to commit flying blade evil

the gate is in the southwest of the house (application for the throne). In fleeting years, it has committed the five yellow Taisui. Liu Tai’s zodiac is a monkey, and the position of the zodiac monkey is in the West southwest. This corner rushed to hurt the people belonging to the monkey first, so Liu Tai has a bloody disaster this year

Xiao Bian teaches Liu Tai that the solution is to put a pair of copper unicorns at the door and hang a convex mirror or flat mirror above the lintel

the function of the mirror is to reflect the flying edge brake (wall corner impact), so the brake Qi can be solved, but the concave mirror must not be hung, because the purpose of the concave mirror is not like this

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