Why shouldn’t the tea table be higher than the sofa

In modern furniture, the tea table is generally matched with the sofa, which is the supporting product of the sofa. It is generally placed in front of or on both sides of the sofa. Therefore, in terms of home feng shui, the sofa and coffee table should be set into a combination of high and low. The sofa is relatively high, which is ” Mountain, The tea table is relatively short, which is ” Water ” , Mountains and rivers have feelings, which is in line with the principle of Feng Shui. If the tea table is higher than the sofa,

first, it is inconvenient to use. It takes more effort to serve tea and pour water. Moreover, if the TV is placed low, it will block the line of sight of watching TV

Second, the tea table is too high, which hinders the view and is not so harmonious in the whole layout of the living room

Third, if the tea table is too high, especially higher than the sofa, it will be suspected of grabbing the host, which will destroy the emotional pattern of the landscape of the sofa and tea table, so that the wealth around the sofa is high, there is no pause, the host pursues money or investment for a long time, and there is no return, family members are ambitious, etc. Therefore, the tea table should not be higher than the sofa. Generally, the height of the tea table is close to that of the person sitting in the sofa

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