Why does good ventilation require moderate window size

The ventilation of the room is mainly the use of windows, so the design of windows must be reasonable and conducive to ventilation. There are several common problems in modern residential window design:

first, the one-sided pursuit of daylighting and good scenery leads to excessive windows. The result is that after opening the window, not only the light is strong, but also the wind blowing into the room is strong, and the prosperous air in the house is easy to flow out, which is not conducive to wind storage and gas accumulation

Second, the window opening is too small, so the room can not get enough light and fresh air

Third, the window is opened too low, and the wind will blow directly at people, which becomes ” Feng Sha ”

therefore, a good ventilation must have a window of moderate size, which gives people a harmonious sense of beauty. The house is small and the window is big. This is the Feng Shui phase of seizing the host and the guest. The Qi outside the house will occupy the top, which is not conducive to maintaining the family property

the house is large, the windows are small, the ventilation is poor, which is harmful to health, and the absorption of external air is too little, which is not conducive to receiving gas and making money at home

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