What ceramic tile is good for bathroom decoration

From the perspective of Feng Shui, the bathroom is an unlucky place, but it is also a necessary place for every family. Moreover, most modern families integrate the toilet and bath into one, wash and bathe in the toilet, and the gas field in the toilet has a longer contact time with the human body, which has a greater impact on people

there are two major problems in toilet Feng Shui, one is heavy moisture, and the other is dirty steam. The best way to improve these two problems is to choose appropriate materials, which is the fundamental way

the first is to pay attention to waterproof. The floor of the toilet should be paved with waterproof, which can well restrain the moisture in the toilet

the second is anti-skid. Pay attention to Feng Shui and safety. Anti skid materials should be used on the ground

the third is hygiene. In particular, the ground materials should be easy to clean. Anti slip tiles or marble can be used, but the color should not be too dark. Create a clear environment and dissolve the Yin in the bathroom. The wall had better be pasted with ceramic tiles to protect the wall from moisture and appear cleaner

in addition, it is better to have a special bathing space. It is recommended to use glass materials to isolate the bathing place. The glass is transparent and the space will not be narrow during bathing. If there are many family members, it is better not to use the bathtub. If family members use the same bathtub, it will destroy the feng shui of the family

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