What about the poor decoration of hallway and Feng Shui

The main function of the hallway in home feng shui is to transport the Feng Shui gas field included in the gate to each room of the residence. Therefore, if the decoration and Feng Shui of the hallway are poor, it will inevitably affect the feng shui of the whole residence. In this way, the family’s fortune will not be very good

so if the decoration of hallway and Feng Shui are not good, how to resolve it? Now let’s give you a brief introduction to see how to resolve the ominous Feng Shui in the hallway

What about the poor decoration of the hallway and Feng Shui? How to resolve it

first of all, you must first know what Feng Shui taboos have been violated in the decoration of the hallway. If you just put or decorate some things with poor Feng Shui, you can directly remove them. However, if there is a problem with the decoration and it cannot be changed, we must find a way to resolve it at this time

secondly, we should also understand the impact of this decoration on residential Feng Shui. For example, the aisle is designed in the shape of an arch, which will form a tombstone and threaten the fortune of the family. At this time, we can use some Feng Shui treasures that turn evil spirits, and try our best to use some decoration to make the aisle more square

finally, if something collides with it near the aisle, you can set up a partition or hang a door curtain on the aisle to separate the Feng Shui aura of the two to avoid Feng Shui confrontation. At the same time, you can use Feng Shui treasures to turn evil spirits, which can also reduce the adverse impact on the fortunes of your family

therefore, if you want to resolve the indoor bad feng shui aura, you must first understand where this bad feng shui comes from and what characteristics it has, and then resolve it pertinently, so as to avoid threatening the fate of residents

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