What if the floor of the bathroom is higher than the floor of the bedroom

In modern residential decoration, the floors of kitchens and bathrooms are generally set lower than bedrooms, which is considered from the scientific and pleasant home environment. At the same time, this setting is also in line with the principle of Feng Shui. This is because the bathroom is a place where moisture and dirt gather. If it is higher than the bedroom floor, the turbid water in the bathroom will penetrate into the surrounding low-lying rooms. Although the scene of being flooded by water will not be obvious, the bedroom floor will be imperceptibly infiltrated by water, which will be in a humid state for a long time, which is easy to cause urinary system diseases; At the same time, the beds and clothes in the bedroom will also absorb water, which is not only easy to make these supplies moldy, but also people are prone to rheumatism and other diseases due to long-term contact with wet items

from the perspective of home feng shui, the bathroom is a place of Yin, while the bedroom is a place for people to live. If the floor of the bathroom is higher than the floor of the bedroom, it will lead to the pattern of Yin flourishing and Yang declining. The main villain is in power and black and white are reversed, which will suppress the development of the homeowner and reduce the fortune of the family. The floor of the bedroom should be 2 ~ 3 cm higher than that of the bathroom, so it must not be lower than that of the bedroom

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