Why should the balcony be used as a greening place

The balcony is the most important air intake in a house. It is the channel of wind and light. It plays a very important role in home feng shui. In addition to opening the air outlet as much as possible to maintain indoor ventilation and allow sufficient sunlight to shine in, the balcony can also be used as a green place in the layout of balcony, and various potted plants suitable for indoor planting can be planted on the balcony to create a small garden

as a greening place, the balcony first has the functions of purifying air, absorbing toxic gas, absorbing noise and adjusting indoor humidity. Moreover, green potted plants are placed on the balcony, which makes people feel like returning to nature when walking on the balcony and can play a pleasing role

in addition, from the perspective of Feng Shui, the evergreen potted plants placed on the balcony can dissolve the bad spirits outside the balcony. At the same time, the vitality entering the room will also make the good luck of the house more vigorous and the family fortune will rise step by step through the increased transportation of Feng Shui plants

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