What should we pay attention to when transforming the balcony into a living room

In modern houses, limited by the residential area, many residents transform the balcony outside the living room into a part of the living room, which can make full use of the residential space to make the living room larger and better lighting and ventilation

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of course, this kind of transformation is still good, especially when the residential area is relatively small, it can make effective use of the existing space. However, it should be noted that the structure of the house needs to be considered during the transformation, which should be carefully calculated, and the center of gravity of the living room cannot be moved outward

this is because balconies are generally suspended and floating parts protruding from the outside, which can not bear a lot of weight. Otherwise, there may be dangers such as collapse and fracture, and the balcony is the entrance of light and wind. It is a relatively light and agile part of a house. If it bears too much load, it will also destroy the original gas field and affect the feng shui of the house

therefore, when transforming the balcony into the living room, it should be noted that the center of gravity of furniture and large furnishings should be within the living room, and when choosing decoration materials, it is best not to choose heavier materials, such as marble, granite and so on

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