Why should the balcony not be closed

In the modern residential area, the general house type has a balcony outside the bedroom, living room or kitchen, but the balcony area is generally not too large. Some residents make the balcony closed in order to expand the indoor practical area. This practice actually violates the Feng Shui principle and will have a negative impact on the family’s health and house transportation

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I. why not close the balcony

on the surface, the closed balcony expands the practical area of the house, is conducive to blocking dust and dirt from entering the room, and even plays the role of anti-theft. In fact, this practice is a small loss, which is not only contrary to the way of Feng Shui ” mdash” mdash; Closing the door of receiving Qi is also extremely harmful to human health

1. If the balcony is sealed, it will cause poor ventilation in the house, making it difficult for the air in the house to keep fresh, and the content of oxygen will also decrease; On the other hand, the breathing, coughing and sweating of family members in the house will cause human body pollution. In addition, many harmful substances emitted by stove, cooking, water heater and other items will be trapped in the house because the balcony is sealed. Living in it for a long time is easy to cause nausea, dizziness, fatigue and other symptoms

2. Ultraviolet rays in the sun can reduce the density of indoor pathogenic bacteria, while healthy people can also cheer up by enjoying the sun, while closed balconies reduce the exposure of indoor sunlight, which is not only easy to cause the proliferation of bacteria, but also may cause poor growth and development of infants and young children and rickets

therefore, it is better not to close the balcony. However, we should also pay attention not to over correct. Don’t choose the hollow balcony shape in order to pursue the good ventilation and lighting function of the balcony

now, in order to expand business opportunities, many real estate developers often use hollowed out balconies to express European customs, so as to increase the selling points of houses. The empty balcony is indeed conducive to the ventilation and lighting of the house, but this kind of balcony also has some disadvantages in the pattern

the hollowed out balcony violates the great taboo of vanity above and below the knee in Feng Shui. When others look at the balcony from the outside of the house, they can easily see that the people in the house are below the knee, which will not only lead to the lack of privacy in the house, but also be very detrimental to people’s mental health

therefore, the balcony should not only avoid the fully enclosed enclosure structure, but also avoid the use of simple flower railings, so that the balcony presents a hollow form

the best way to achieve this is: the lower third of the balcony is a solid wall, while the upper two-thirds are glass windows, which should be opened frequently. In this way, not only will there be no disadvantages of emptiness under the knee, but also the feng shui of the house will not be affected by closing the door of receiving Qi

the balcony with transparent and wide vision is both beautiful and in line with the way of Feng Shui

II. whether it is legal to close one’s own balcony

the case of whether the balcony can be closed involves a new concept of real right, that is, differentiated ownership of buildings, which includes two parts of self-interest right and common interest right in real right law. The self-interest right is the owner’s free and reasonable right to use the space in the six walls (four walls plus floors and ceilings) of the building, while the common interest right is the right shared by all owners for the building outside the six walls, including the balcony. Formally speaking, the act of closing the balcony hinders the normal property management and service of the community property, which can also be said to infringe the contractual creditor’s rights of the property, but in essence, the act of the owner seriously infringes on the interests of all owners in the same building. The judge told reporters that the owner’s behavior of closing the balcony seems to occur in the area of his own building and is exercising his self-interest right, but this behavior just leads to another result. This closing behavior leads to the decline of the appearance of the building, and the appearance of the building belongs to the common interest of the owner, and a single owner is not allowed to dispose without authorization

therefore, according to the provisions of the current law, the use of common parts such as balcony, outer wall and corridor is dominated by the right of mutual benefit. If there are management regulations reflecting the right of mutual benefit and it is agreed that the balcony shall not be closed, the owner cannot close it without authorization

The restaurant of this house is connected to a relatively spacious small balcony, which has been sealed with glass windows by the owner. Jiang Xiaolong said that if you buy this house, try not to seal the balcony. Jiang Xiaolong analyzed that in the traditional feng shui theory, the balcony is the Mingtang of the family. The Mingtang can gather money, so the larger the balcony, the better. Even a small balcony has its use, but after closing the balcony, the balcony will no longer have these Feng Shui effects. From the perspective of space environment, sealing one of the two balconies that originally made the indoor North-South transparent will hinder the indoor air convection and affect the daylighting. Living here for a long time will affect the mood and health, and it is difficult to concentrate on work

according to the observation method of feng shui theory, in any house, we stand at the approximate center of the room and face the window or balcony with the most light to identify the orientation

if there is open land in front of a house, it indicates that the residents of the house have room for development; If the buildings on the right front of a house are lower than the building, and it feels relatively flat when looking down from the building, it indicates that the residents of the house will have great tolerance and bearing capacity; If the buildings on the right side of a house are neat and uniform and do not exceed the house, it indicates that the residents of the house have strong courage and do things vigorously; If the buildings on the left side of a house are scattered and form a winding and undulating situation, it indicates that the residents of the house have good innovative development and adaptability; If there is a tall building on the left front of a house, it indicates that the residents of the house can have good learning results

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