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What’s the stress of Feng Shui in home hanging painting? Generally speaking, auspicious house with auspicious painting is the principle of home decoration. Such as peony flowers, rich and noble, good persimmons in pairs, three immortals of wealth, wealth and longevity, nine fish map, three sunny days, evergreen pines and cypresses, etc. In a word, the furnishings of each painting also control the home feng shui. Whether it affects the good or bad of Feng Shui depends on everyone’s cleverness and application, so as to make themselves wind and water and smooth in all aspects

home decoration painting Feng Shui

home decoration painting tips

in home feng shui, do not hang more than two figure paintings in the same room, because the extra two paintings will make the family emotional fluctuation and psychological instability. Human portraits are not suitable for decoration by people belonging to dragons, horses, chickens and pigs. The subjects of other decorative paintings should be health, sunshine and beautiful things. Do not hang obscure and scary paintings

too many paintings of Buddha and Bodhisattva should not be hung at home, because too many Buddha paintings will affect the relationship between members, especially the love between husband and wife. Too much religious fanaticism on either side will affect the feelings of each other. For a happy family, the key points of religious paintings are up to now. Don’t hang too much. As for the color of the picture frame, it is best to match the five elements. For example, if you want gold, you might as well use gold or silver for the frame edge, green for wood, red and purple for fire, blue and gray for water, etc. For example, in Buddha painting, Buddha represents water and the north, and Amitabha represents the West. The calligraphy and painting of Heart Sutra should not be hung by people who avoid fire. The selection of picture frame should also match the five elements. The metal decorative picture should be made of gold or silver, the fire attribute should be red and purple, the water attribute should be blue, and the wood attribute should be green and blue

home decoration painting Feng Shui

ordinary families pay attention to the visual effect when choosing painting, and often ignore some taboos on Feng Shui. Every painting has good luck and bad luck. For example, it is very inappropriate to hang a flame diagram for a very five element water shortage

people who are short of water should hang some pictures with water, such as landscape painting, nine fish painting, river, lake and sea painting:

bamboo and jungle trees without wood

decorative paintings with white gold frames that lack gold

you can hang a red peony picture in case of lack of fire:

due south of the living room: if this position is well arranged, it will bring praise to the family, especially as the head of the family, it is best to choose red for this side of the family decoration painting. Such as Flamingo and sunrise. Red carpets and wooden decorations are also OK. Remember not to put a mirror in this position. The mirror belongs to water. Water extinguishes fire, which is bad for reputation and fortune

east of the living room: speaking of the sunrise in the East, this position represents a healthy fortune. In the Feng Shui decorative painting of the living room, we should make good use of green. Using landscape painting, plant painting is the best. Family health and longevity can be promoted

due north of the living room: due north represents family and career luck, which needs to be decorated with calm colors. Blue or black decorative painting Feng Shui in the living room is an auspicious color in this direction. Because this position belongs to water, it can be decorated with landscape paintings and metal ornaments (five elements golden water)

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