How to choose color for home decoration

In home decoration, decoration color Feng Shui is one of the key protagonists of . Now the new generation of decoration cities choose colors, which are generally arranged according to personality. For owners of different ages, they also choose different colors to decorate the living room

decoration color Feng Shui

decoration color Feng Shui principle

cold color: blue, blue-green and blue purple are the main colors, giving people a strong cool feeling and making people quiet and cold

in terms of brightness, the change of color brightness will directly lead to the difference of color feeling. For example, green, purple and blue become cold when the brightness is high, and warm when the brightness is low. Due to the color contrast, the temperature will also change. For example, when purple is combined with red, purple is colder, while when juxtaposed with blue, purple is warmer. The cool color has a sense of calmness and elegance. It is more suitable for bookstores, corridors and other places, and should not be used in bedrooms, living rooms and other places. The combination of cool color and warm color household products makes you feel quiet, quiet and comfortable

warm color: red, yellow and orange are the main colors, giving people a sense of excitement, pleasure and enthusiasm, with great sensory stimulation

too strong warm colors or watching warm colors for too long will make people feel tired, irritable and uncomfortable. The temperature of color has a great relationship with luster. Glossy colors tend to be cool, while rough surfaces tend to be warm. Therefore, warm colors should be selected for all areas decorated with texture surfaces, rather than cold colors

how to choose the color for the decoration of the living room

yellow should be selected as the main color for the East living room

the east facing living room should choose light yellow as the main color, and the choice of color depth is determined by the owner according to his own preferences. Yellow is in the East and has the effect of attracting wealth

the west facing living room should be green and harmonious

the sunlight in the west of the living room in the afternoon is strong, especially in summer. The light is dazzling and the heat is difficult to handle. It is suitable to choose light green to reconcile. Green furniture and broad-leaved plants can be placed

the white system should be selected for the living room in the South

the South belongs to fire, which should not be arranged in warm colors such as orange and bright red, but reduced by white systems such as rice white and pure white ” Fire ” , It can make people comfortable and refreshing

warm color system should be selected for the North living room

in the north facing living room, the sunlight is generally insufficient. Warm colors with low saturation such as light red and light orange can add a warm and warm feeling

how to choose color for bedroom decoration

the color tone of bedroom is mainly composed of several large colors of wall, ground, ceiling, curtain and bedspread. In addition to the unified and coordinated colors of walls, floors and ceilings, special attention should be paid to the colors of curtains and bedspreads

in the bedroom, it’s best not to use too much red and black as the main colors, which will make people extremely impulsive and angry, which is bad for the health of their families. The most suitable color is neutral color, such as beige, gray and so on. These colors make Yin and Yang harmonious and family harmonious. Usually, many people put wooden floors in their bedrooms. In fact, the primary color of wood is also a good color. The primary color of wood makes people feel peaceful and stable

the color concentration in children’s bedrooms should also be matched. The color is too dark, which is easy to depress children, so they can’t stay at home and often run out; If the color is too bright, it will make the child feel uneasy and become grumpy. Therefore, in the choice of color, you can choose the light color system similar to the color according to the child’s preferences

how to choose colors for kitchen decoration

skillfully use colors and create visual differences. Take the kitchen for example. The space is too high. You can use dignified dark treatment to reduce the uneasiness of the room and make it look more harmonious; The space is too small. Use bright colors and light colors to make it spacious and comfortable

the decoration color Feng Shui should be natural, and the color system with light clouds and wind is the best decoration principle

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