What should we pay attention to when rebuilding the balcony

After some people buy a house, in order to expand the practical area in the house, they often reconstruct the balcony and move the living room outward to make the balcony become a part of the living room. In this way, the living room will become more spacious and bright. There is nothing wrong with this, but we must pay attention to ensuring the structural safety of buildings and comply with the way of Feng Shui

① beam shielding. In general residential building structure, there will be a beam between the balcony and the living room. After reconstruction, when the balcony and the living room are combined into one, the beam will hinder the view, damage Feng Shui and be suspected of being pressed by the beam. Therefore, it must be treated to make it beautiful and not oppressive. In fact, the best way to deal with it is to fill in the false ceiling and cover it skillfully. If you want to strengthen the effect, you can also place a spotlight or light tube on the ceiling of the balcony to illuminate, so as to avoid the shadow of light, make people unable to see clearly, and show the hazy beauty

② exterior wall treatment. After the balcony is transformed into a living room, its outer wall should not be too low. Some people like to use floor glass as the outer wall. They think that in this way, there will be no obstruction when watching the exterior scene, showing a better field of vision. As everyone knows, this situation, like the hollowing out of the balcony, is a violation of the traditional Feng Shui & ldquo; Subknee void & rdquo; Taboo. If the balcony originally takes the floor glass as the outer wall, which is difficult to change, then the most effective remedy is to place a long and low cabinet in front of the floor glass as a substitute for the low wall. If the low cabinet is too short, plants can be placed on both sides to fill the space, which is not only beautiful and environmentally friendly, but also in line with the way of Feng Shui

③ load bearing principle. Because the balcony is generally protruding from the part outside the house, the bearing capacity is limited. Therefore, when transforming it into a living room, we must carefully calculate and follow certain load-bearing principles. Otherwise, it not only threatens the structural safety of the building and causes danger, but also is not conducive to the feng shui of the balcony, so that the originally relaxed and comfortable balcony carries too much weight and destroys the original gas field of the balcony. In the unified reconstruction of the living room and balcony, do not use too heavy decoration materials. Some people like to use marble to pave the floor of the living room, which is beyond reproach, but if the balcony is also paved with marble, I’m afraid the balcony can’t bear it

transforming the balcony into a living room is by no means an overnight task. It must be carefully planned and carefully designed to comply with the principles of Feng Shui and building safety