Is it beneficial to sit north and face south in 2020

Among the orientation of many houses, sitting north facing south is the most common and well-known one. Traditional Feng Shui believes that the sun is located in Yang, that is to say, the north is Yin and the south is Yang. Sitting north and facing south means that the house is located in the north, and the door is opened in the south, or the main daylighting surface of the house is in the south. Only in this way can the house get better sunshine, sufficient Yang and vigorous Feng Shui. In this way, it is more in line with the requirements of Feng Shui introduction. So is this trend good or bad in 2020

  1. Look at the direction of the fleeting geomantic omen is good or bad

although the main feature of the north facing south house is excellent daylighting, which can better gather geomantic omen, from the perspective of flying star geomantic omen, there are different good and bad stars falling in different directions, while in the middle and south of 2020, there are three bililu existential stars and two black giant stars falling respectively, which is a typical evil position in this year. This means that the house facing south is likely to have a bad situation of indoor Feng Shui this year

  2. The orientation is the evil position of fleeting years

Lucun star and jumen star are the evil stars in Flying Star Feng Shui, so the orientation they fall into will also become the evil position of fleeting years. For example, the former represents right and wrong and official disasters, while the latter is mainly disease and pain. That is to say, if the Feng Shui in these two positions is bad, it will lead to a decline in personal health or a series of troubles at work. This is why it is said that houses facing south will have a bad feng shui in 2020

  3. How to improve Feng Shui fortune at home

so how should a house facing south maintain Feng Shui stability in 2020? The best way is to arrange the Feng Shui position reasonably, for example, place the “one Feng Shui lion guarding the blessing” Wang Yun ornaments in the north of the home, improve Feng Shui while dissolving the evil spirit, and pay attention to the cleanliness and tidiness of the orientation, without any sundries and old things

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