What kind of bedroom is best for children

First of all, the bedroom suitable for children is best selected in the north of the house, because from the perspective of Feng Shui, the North belongs to water, which has the most aura, and is often in the Wenchang position of the house, which can best develop children’s intelligence

secondly, the child’s bedroom should be a good place for Feng Shui at home, with the least evil spirit around. From the perspective of Feng Shui, a good house should try to avoid all aspects of evil spirit, but a house can’t have no evil spirit at all, and many evil spirits can be resolved. Why should it be special for children? Because children are the least resistant members of the family, they are particularly vulnerable to evil spirits

therefore, children’s bedrooms must have a good environment, especially when there is no road collision outside the window. This kind of evil spirit has the greatest impact on children’s studies. In addition, the place where the mother to be lives should also be a place with good feng shui at home, sleeping in Wenchang in the bedroom, which is most conducive to the healthy development of the baby

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