What is the room decoration color Feng Shui taboo

Many people doubt that what color is good for the room and what color is used for decoration can form a good feng shui atmosphere? In fact, there are many attentions on color selection, but before we understand these attentions, we should first know some Feng Shui taboos on color selection

walls use yellow

people have heard that yellow is the color of the five elements of earth, and earth can produce gold. Therefore, yellow is regarded as a color for Attracting Wealth, which can effectively improve wealth. Indeed, in Feng Shui, yellow has a certain role in attracting wealth. Proper use of yellow as ornament or decorating home with yellow can have a certain effect of attracting wealth; However, if yellow is not used properly, it will also affect the Feng Shui atmosphere of the room and home. According to Feng Shui, it is not suitable to use too much yellow in the room, especially dark yellow and dark yellow. These yellow will create a depressed atmosphere. If we stay in the room for a long time, our mood will be irritable and even affect the mental health of our family for a long time. Therefore, you should be careful when using yellow. Improper use is to touch the Feng Shui taboo

Orange should pay attention to

orange is a vibrant color. Orange gives people a sense of vitality, but from the perspective of Feng Shui and psychology, orange can never be used in the room! In particular, the use of orange in a large area will touch the Feng Shui taboo and affect the health and fortune of the family. So why is orange a taboo color in Feng Shui? Mainly because orange is an overly active color, and the room, as a rest space, does not match the atmosphere created by orange. The use of such a color in a large area of the room will only affect our work, rest and sleep, resulting in our inability to sleep for a long time. In addition, orange will aggravate the visual pressure and nerve pressure of the family. For a long time, it will only make people feel irritable

dark blue is also not suitable

many people like blue. Blue is the color of the sea and the color of the sky. It is a color full of reverie, but in fact, blue also needs to be cautious in its application. It’s very good to use a small area of blue as an embellishment color in the room. After all, blue is more white; But if you choose to use blue in a large area, you must pay attention to it. In Feng Shui, dark blue is taboo in the decoration of the room, especially when the whole wall is painted dark blue, which touches the Feng Shui taboo. After all, dark blue will lead to people’s depression of willpower, weaken people’s nerves and affect people’s career development

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