Feng Shui in house decoration

Feng Shui has a history of thousands of years in China. Feng Shui has a great impact on our fortune. Therefore, we have to pay attention to Feng Shui, especially when decorating houses; So in Feng Shui, what Feng Shui should be paid attention to in house decoration? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

Feng Shui that should be paid attention to in house decoration

What Feng Shui should be paid attention to in new house decoration

first, home decoration should have an overall view

overall harmony and coordination, which is a necessary condition for good feng shui. Specific to home decoration, we should first have an understanding of the overall view of Feng Shui. In other words, the style of home decoration should obey the style of home environment

1. The decorative style should obey the architectural style

for example, the Chinese architecture with red walls and green tiles should cooperate with the traditional Chinese decorative style. If it is combined with the Western decorative style, it will make people uncomfortable. It’s not the same thing to wear a long gown and mandarin jacket on a high nose and blue eyes

2. Local decoration follows the whole

different spaces and has their own functions; But the style and details of its decoration must obey the whole household. Imagine the effect of a few strings of local red peppers and old corn in the antique study with piano, chess, calligraphy and painting

3. The choice of furniture and household appliances should obey the overall decoration style

in modern home decoration, the proportion of furniture and household appliances can be almost juxtaposed, and the two together constitute an important part of the whole home decoration. Therefore, when choosing the color and shape of furniture and household appliances, we must obey the decorative style and form an overall home feng shui

Second, the overall concept of home decoration Feng Shui should also pay attention to the difference between primary and secondary

above, we emphasize that home feng shui should form a whole, but the position and role of each part in the whole should not be ignored

feng shui theory holds that household Feng Shui should be door, main and stove. Specific to modern home feng shui, that is, Feng Shui of door, master bedroom and kitchen occupies the most important position in the whole home feng shui

such as the orientation, pattern and size of the door, the orientation, layout, decoration and size of the master bedroom, the orientation of the kitchen, the position of the stove, console and faucet will affect the feng shui of the door, master bedroom and kitchen. The feng shui of these three places plays a vital role in the feng shui of the whole home. In contrast, Feng Shui in other parts of the home is less important than these three parts. In home decoration, we should treat them differently

Third, in the home decoration design, we should adjust the unreasonable Feng Shui in advance

according to the birth time of the residents, analyze the likes and dislikes of each family member, and determine the most favorable position of each person at home, so as to determine the overall layout of the room

in the design of modern architecture, more consideration is given to how to maximize the use of space, almost not from the perspective of Feng Shui, which directly leads to the unreasonable Feng Shui layout in the home. There are often various household Feng Shui taboos, such as door flushing, beam capping, toilet in the middle of the room, etc

these Feng Shui problems will have an adverse impact on the fate of residents in all aspects. If they wait until there is a problem, they can make up for it. Not to mention the adverse consequences, it will not only consume money, materials and time, but also destroy the overall effect of house decoration

therefore, it is best to make reasonable conditioning according to the Feng Shui concept before decoration, so as to be suitable for living

IV. decorative materials and main decorative colors should be selected according to the fate of the host. The five element attributes of

decorative materials and the five element attributes of main colors in the home should be selected on the basis of analyzing the eight characters of the resident’s birthday, which is most suitable for the fate of the resident, so as to be beneficial to the fate of the resident

outside the male owner and inside the female owner, the influence of home feng shui on the hostess is particularly obvious, and the hostess is the core of the whole family. Therefore, according to the eight character destiny of the hostess, it is analyzed that the hostess’s five elements like and avoid, and the best choice of decorative materials and main colors is beneficial to the hostess’s fortune; The small room where family members are located can be combined with their personal fatalism preferences, and then choose the materials and colors suitable for them

for example, for people who have five elements of mahogany, wood is the best home decoration material, and the color is mainly green (five elements of wood), which can help transportation; You can also use blue, black, etc. (the five elements belong to water) to get water and generate wood, so as to generate the fortune of the owner

V. It is best to start decoration on a auspicious day

although the decoration project is not a large-scale construction like building houses; However, for individuals, it also belongs to a relatively large-scale construction, and the construction is carried out in their own home. The impact on individuals should not be underestimated. We must choose a good day

Feng Shui that should be paid attention to in house decoration in 2020

first, use God in combination with the owner’s destiny and choose furniture of appropriate materials. If you want to choose furniture that can help you get lucky, it is very important to first find the God who likes to use the home owner. Only when we know the owner’s God of liking and using, can we choose and determine the furniture material, color and placement position according to the God of liking and using. Now there are many kinds of furniture materials. In summary, they mainly include wood, metal, glass, rattan weaving, software, plastic, man-made board and so on. Therefore, we can choose suitable furniture materials according to the owner’s preference. If the owner of the home decides to use Camptotheca, the furniture he chooses should be mainly made of wood; If fortune likes gold, it should choose metal furniture, such as iron, alloy, aluminum furniture, and so on

II. It is both functional and practical, with unified color matching. In terms of furniture function and practicability, we should fully consider the actual needs and space requirements of home and choose furniture with corresponding functions. In terms of style coordination and unity, one is to pay attention to the unity of color system. The colors between furniture and furniture should be matched reasonably to achieve the effect of harmonious coexistence, rather than the conflict between color systems. This will not only affect the beauty, but also adversely affect the vision and spirit of people at home. The point that needs to be emphasized here is that the furniture color system should achieve harmony and unity on the premise of conforming to the owner’s fate, likes and dislikes, so as to play the role of both beauty and transportation

III. make rational use of space and find auspicious directions. After purchasing the corresponding furniture, the next step is how to place it. There is a principle here, that is, the placement of furniture should not only comply with the utilization of space, but also be placed in the corresponding good and bad positions according to its nature. For example, friends who like reading must like to put a big bookcase in the bedroom. From the perspective of space utilization, combined or compound bookcases can be used to save space. For example, bookcases and desks are integrated, and computers can be placed at the same time. This multifunctional furniture can make better use of space. From the perspective of auspicious position, the desk and bookcase should be placed in Wenchang position, which not only helps to concentrate and gather Qi, but also helps to think and write notes, so as to make the desk truly realize its value

Feng Shui taboos that should be paid attention to in house decoration

1. Water and fire avoid cross. The ancients said: water and fire leave no crosshairs. Here, water refers to the toilet and fire refers to the kitchen. What do you mean? That is, there is no kitchen and toilet in the front, rear, left and right of the house and in the center of the house. The toilet is a dirty place, and Yin and moisture accumulate, which should be at the disadvantage; The kitchen is a place for cooking food. Yang Qi is full of fire, so we should live in a favorable place

2. Do not rush directly. There will be many situations of direct attack, such as: the door directly faces the window and balcony; The front door and the rear door are facing each other directly; The front window and the rear window are facing directly; The balcony is opposite to the window; The gate and kitchen are in direct contact; The gate and toilet are in direct contact; Balcony and kitchen, bathroom, etc. Different ways of direct charging may lead to different problems. Generally speaking, it has the following adverse effects: destroying wealth, difficult to gather wealth, easy to scatter or destroy wealth; Easy to be stolen and cause trouble; Damage to health, prone to strange diseases and hidden diseases; Damage family harmony, easy to quarrel and destroy feelings

3. The color of the house should be bright and match the life. People have good or bad looks. The red light shows a person’s health and good fortune. A man looks gloomy and sad. He is either going to suffer from bad luck or encounter difficulties. His luck is bad. The house is the same, and there are colors to observe. The magnificent house and the dilapidated house must know which is better in terms of luck without comparison. In addition, the house feels like a person’s temperament, so it’s easy to understand that it matches life, that is, the house should be suitable for us according to ” Mysterious wind and water; Or ” Eight houses Feng Shui ” ; Feng Shui theory to determine the house or room that matches your destiny. Just like, a person with elegant temperament is naturally suitable to live in a house full of classical and literary atmosphere. The houses they live in are also in line with their temperament. Let such people live in magnificent and prominent houses. They are not used to living, and there will be problems over a long period of time. In short, this is the truth. Therefore, the layout of the house and the selection of rooms should be determined according to their own fatalistic preferences. Many people consult feng shui masters for this consideration. Generally, the color should be bright, and the new building is mainly warm. Bright red and green, or too dark is not good

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