Will you put the TV in the bedroom

Now many people put the TV in the bedroom because it is very convenient to use. Indeed, this brings a lot of convenience to homeowners, but in home feng shui, this is inappropriate. In the view of traditional Feng Shui, TV is fire in the five elements, and the larger the TV is, the greater the fire is. If both husband and wife need fire, they can move the TV to the bedroom without adverse effects; If the couple doesn’t need fire, but really want to watch TV in the bedroom, they can choose the kind of ultra-thin TV, which can reduce its anger

because TV sets usually have strong radiation, try not to put them at the head and tail of the bed, which will have a great negative impact on one’s health

in addition, when the TV is not used, its screen becomes a dark mirror. If the TV is facing the bed, the closed TV will reflect the scene on the bed, which is not conducive to the harmony between husband and wife, and may also lead to the emergence of a third party

so if you really want to put the TV in the bedroom “#039; Then put it on the side of the bed, and the farther away the better. When not watching TV, unplug the power and cover the TV

if the husband and wife do not need fire, it is inappropriate to place the TV in the bedroom. However, the owner has to watch TV in the bedroom. It’s best to put the TV on the side of the bed and the farther away from the bed, the better. After watching TV, you should not only unplug the power, but also cover the TV

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