How to place household appliances

With the improvement of living conditions, there are more electrical appliances in our homes, such as TV, refrigerator, computer, microwave oven and air conditioner ” hellip” hellip; Girls may have more electrical appliances. Irons, hair dryers, ovens and so on are small household appliances that will make girls feel indispensable. While these appliances are convenient for our life, they will also emit some radiation and produce some waste gas at work, which will bring hidden dangers to our health. At home, these guys must be well placed in order to maximize the advantages and avoid disadvantages, and also meet the requirements of home feng shui

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TV is a necessary electrical appliance in every modern family. It brings us a lot of information and joy. Many families like to put the TV in the bedroom. Especially girls, put the TV on the side facing the end of the bed and watch the late night movie to sleep at night. This is actually a very bad habit. First of all, when the TV is playing, it will have a certain amount of radiation. Late at night is the time for the human body to rest. At this time, the skin will be exposed to TV radiation, which will cause greater damage. Secondly, the TV is fire. If it is placed in the bedroom, it is easy to make people uneasy and sleep is difficult to be stable. In the long run, it is very bad for human health. However, if the owner of the bedroom hits Xihuo, it’s another matter. But even if you want to put it in the bedroom, you should pay attention not to put it in the position facing the end of the bed. It’s best to deviate from it. At the same time, you should leave enough distance from the position where TV watchers often stay to protect your eyes. When you turn off the TV at night, don’t lie in bed and press the remote control. Get up and turn off the main power supply and unplug the plug.

no matter where the TV is placed, a very noticeable problem is the distance between the TV and the human body. The radiation distance of LCD TV is about two meters, while the radiation of TV above 42 inches can be up to three meters. Now many families are proud to buy big TVs and blindly pursue big ones. It seems that guests see more face, but don’t forget that the size of TVs must be proportional to the family area. Hanging a TV that occupies half of the wall in a small room will not only damage your eyes, but also those who watch TV will be deeply endangered by radiation

computer is also one of the necessary electrical appliances in most families, and its placement is also closely related to our health. As mentioned in the previous chapter, SOHO people who work from home should not put their computers by their beds, otherwise it is not conducive to work. In fact, it is not only SOHO, but also a harmful way for everyone to put the computer by the bed. Many girls may rent a house or allocate a small bedroom area at home. In order to save space, they use the bed as a stool, put the computer beside the bed and sit on the bed to surf the Internet at night. When the computer works, the exhaust gas released is the largest and the radiation is very strong. All the dust from those fans falls on your quilt and is sucked into your lungs at night. How can people be healthy? If the computer is placed around the bed, people are prone to dizziness, weakness and other symptoms, and it is more difficult for girls to become beautiful

in the north, humidifier is an indispensable electrical appliance in modern living rooms. For girls, humidifier is more important. No matter in the winter when heating or in the air-conditioned room in summer, dryness is the biggest natural enemy of moist skin: some girls feel that since they turn on the humidifier, they use water mist to beautify their skin. When they sleep, they put the humidifier next to their head and next to the bed. But this may not only play a role in beauty, but also damage your health. First, the humidifier itself is also an electrical appliance. When it works, it will also have electromagnetic radiation. If it is too close to the skin, it will be more or less harmful; Second, we all know that it’s easy to live in the humid environment in the north, so we can’t live in the humid environment in the north

ice cream, fruit, and endless homemade facial mask all need refrigerators to help us keep them. The refrigerator belongs to gold. If you hit the MM who likes gold, you can place a large refrigerator at home. If you hit the person who hates gold, of course, you can’t want the refrigerator. When you choose the refrigerator, you can choose the blue and black ones to drain the gold with the water in the color. When placing the refrigerator, pay attention to leave enough space for the refrigerator to dissipate heat. Don’t plug the refrigerator in a full corner, leaving only two doors facing the outside. If the refrigerator cannot dissipate heat in time, its compression opportunities will start frequently, which will not only increase the power consumption, but also increase the radiation, which will damage the refrigerator and the health of the owner

How can a healthy and beautiful girl without a washing machine? The appearance of going out is neat and untidy, and the washing machine may be of great help. Many girls like to put the washing machine in the room close to the water source, and some even put it in the bathroom. They think it’s very convenient to wash clothes when taking a bath. But this arrangement is also wrong. The wet environment does great damage to the washing machine, and the motor of the washing machine is vulnerable to the erosion of moisture. In a humid environment Washing machines are also prone to bacteria. Over time, our clothes are contaminated with bacteria, and wearers are prone to skin diseases. Therefore, it is better not to put the washing machine directly in the bathroom, and it is a bad habit to plug the washing machine in the kitchen in order to save space

girls’ lives are often inseparable from many small household appliances, such as hair dryers and electric irons. Pay attention not to make excessive use of these small household appliances. For example, hair dryer, if you blow your hair every day and don’t blow it to thousands, it will hurt your hair very much. Usually, when taking care of these electrical appliances, we should store them in order and not throw them away. When using, it’s best not to use many kinds of electrical appliances at the same time

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